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Airport renovations finished!


I could be wrong but when I was there in October/November all the airport in Puerto Plata looked to have been finished, no more timber clad walkways in the sunshine going into the airport and the departure lounge is bigger and feels more open. I know that Dominican speed is always a laughable phrase, speed is not what you do when it’s hot but it does look done and it also looks lovely, well done PP.

Cheers Amandalou :-*

As an aside the little restaurant upstairs on the viewing landing is really nice and not expensive, after luggage has gone but before passport control etc, stairs or lift to left of entrance to departures, open to all so a nice place for farwells if any friends have come to see you off on your journey.


Yes after 6 very long years it is done. There is also a new restaurant inside the waiting area, across from the duty free shop, with pretty good food at almost reasonable prices.



Yea, but did you see how they increased pricing on the duty free shop? Before there were several different vendors selling stuff. Now they gave an exclusive on duty free and cost increased like crazy. They lose since we used to spend a lot when leaving, but with their new cost, we don’t spend anything.


Pricing in the so called duty free shop have been so excessive that I’ve not bought anything there for many years. Hard to believe that prices got worse …


They are really not worse but way overpriced. A pound of coffee is $10 and in the stores locally it is about $4.25.

Duty free here is and always has been a tourist rip off.