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Airport transfer coaches - car seats ok?


A couple parents in the large group I’m organizing are wondering if they can use baby/toddler car seats in the airport transfer coach. (We’ll be in large buses, not those little tiny vans.) I’m thinking not (I don’t think the same coaches here have seat belts either), and my TA still hasn’t found out. Anyone else know? ??? Thanks!


Most of the buses I’ve been in did not have seat belts, but I have been in a few that did.
What I’m saying is, “I wouldn’t count on it”.


No there are not any infant seats in the buses or in taxi cabs.


Any time we have ever travelled south with our young son, we’ve always left the car seat at home. It’s bulky to lug along and, as stated above, the buses (and usually the taxis) don’t even have seatbetls to strap them in, so the seat itself would just be a projectile.


Not a seat belt to be seen… Just hold on and watch the DR fly by :sunglasses:


Thanks all - I pretty much figured they’ll have to go without. Well, it’s a short ride.