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Airport transfer

We are going to Breezes Varadero on the 12th with flight only package. The resort has said that they provide transfers from the airport to the hotel. I have emailed about how to find it at the airport but their reply is a little vague. Just wondering if anyone has any idea on what they provide, (minibus, taxi) and if there is any cost.

You will likely do like the AI crowd and find the rep and they will have your name to board a set bus. :sunglasses:

Sparky817 stated that he/she is flying on a “flight only” deal which I take to mean that the hotel has been booked separately from the flight and isn’t your standard AI package with transportation provided.

While landing in the DR, I remember seeing a minivan with the Breezes logo in the front window and a driver with a Breezes placard. Perhaps this is what the Breezes resorts offer when guests book the hotel only option. I would not go on the assumption that I was being transported on one of the tour operator buses when that wasn’t the package I booked. I would make sure that I had enough CUC to cover a taxi to the hotel if the Breezes shuttle isn’t at the airport.

Sunny, this sounds like what the resort might be trying to tell me. My TA said that we would have to find our own transportation, but the resort did say something would be there, but didn’t specify what. Their email was a little hard to understand, but I’m sure we’ll get there one way or the other. 10 more sleeps!!!

Hola Sparky817

I misread your post. If it is a flight only package then usually you do have to pay for your own transportation to the resort.

Perhaps if the bus for the AI tourists is not full the driver may give you a ride to the resort for a reduced fee. :wink:

When I do the flight only, I either have someone meet me at the airport or I take a cab to where ever it is I am heading.

Good luck. I am sure it will all work out.

Let us know what kind of a transfer you ended up getting from the airport to the resort and back again.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

Will do.

Just got back today and here is what happened. We landed in Varadero and as we exited the airport a gentleman came up to us and asked who we were and if we were looking for a transfer, I guess we looked confused?? He said he was from Breezes Varadero and had a taxi for us. Took our bags and were at the resort within about 40 minutes of getting off the plane. For our departure, the resort had another taxi waiting for us and we ended at the airport about 20 to 30 minutes before any of the buses arrrived. As they say “All inclusive” just cost us the tip.
p.s. the smoking in the airport was badddd today.

Glad to hear that everything worked out okay. Thanks for the update, in the future we now know how the land only for a Breezes resort in Cuba works.