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Airport Transfers

I’ve come across a few different companies offering airport transfers…Viator, Dominican Airport Transfers. Does anyone know of any additional, reputable transfer companies and/or could tell me about their experiences with these two I mentioned??

I know a private transfer will be more expensive and I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the extra money…thoughts/opinions??

Thank you!! ;D

Which airport?

If it is Punta Cana then contact Bronly IBK Transfers

Thanks Hlywud!! We are staying at the Paradisus Punta Cana…

  1. Do you know the approximate cost for a round trip per person?
  2. Also, what info do I need to include in the e-mail?

Thanks so much!

It will cost around $40-$50 total for up to 4 passengers in a van each way.
Email your name, date, arrival time, flight number and airline

Try Pieto Tours - They were great!!!

I e-mailed Bronly and didn’t hear back so I sent an e-mail to Mike…he said that he would re-send my info to Bronly to make sure he received it, but I still didn’t hear back. Sooooo, I e-mailed Mike again, letting him know that I stil have not heard from Bronly and I asked if I was trying to book my transfers too early, still no response :frowning:

I know I’m not traveling until April 13th, but I always like to get everything all set well in advance so I’m not scrambling at the end…any suggestions how to get in touch with them??? I’m starting to question their reliability since no one is getting back to me in a week so any other suggestions???

Bronly is very reliable and what can I say about Mike other than he is the very best. Since you are not going until mid-April I for one wouldn’t worry just yet. Sit back and think about your upcoming vacation. They are just on Dominican time and it will take awhile for a response I’m sure

where did you e-mail me?
i clear my 100+ e-mails every single day of the week.
please drop me your info here on the bord by PM
or check the correctly written e-mail address of mine which is

Mischef79 it seems Bronly has a new email address. Look at the thread IBK Transfer in this section



Thank you for the update…I will try the new e-mail address and hopefully have some luck! I have found nothing but stellar reviews of this transfer service so I would really like to use them…perhaps I am trying to book the transfer too early???

Bronly set the gmail account up because of too much trouble with the old one, it seems that spamblockers did not like the prior mail account to much.
the above written is the actual one
of course the old accounts will also be checked.

Hello again everyone,

Soooooo, I have tried the new gmail contact address as givens above and still have not received any response. I’m sure everyone has had great luck and service from them, but I cannot even get a response back and this is my 4th attempt. Can someone please suggest an alternative??? The trip is less than 2 months away and I have a lot going on, as I’m sure most people do, and like to get all the details squared away right off the bat, just not a last minute kind of gal.

At this point just want to reserve something and be done…anybody have other suggestions in which I can book it and be done??? I don’t have the time to keep re-sending e-mails and chase down responses…thank you!

so why you don’t just click on my bordname, on the upcoming screen you click on “send private message to Mike Fisher”, and there you send me your full name, name of your resort, number of persons in your party, arrival and departure dates, airline, flight number and your e-mail address, so i will bring that to Bronly and assure that he will answer within 24hrs after i received the PM.
happy weekend

We used Prieto Tours for transfers from Punta Cana to La Romana a couple weeks ago, they were very efficient and on time.

Taxis work just fine as well for roughly the same cost as pre-arranged transfers.