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Airtransat cancellation

:frowning: >:( >:( My flight just got cancelled this morning with no reason why. I am trying to find other dates but they seem to be booked up >:( >:( >:( Was to fly out of Halifax on the 25 of April with airtransat…26 is also cancelled, anyone else have this problem :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

Cancelled? Without an alternate arrangement ? Did they say what the reason was ? We are meeting with relatives who are flying out of St. John’s on April 24th with Air Transat. We are flying with Sunwing but I would hope that the Air Transat flights out of St. John’s are going ahead as scheduled.

Holy cow!!! I’m going Air Transat on the 19th…when/how did you find this out?

Just found out what happened. I am going down for 2 weeks and there is not enough people coming back at the time we were too. All the 2 weeks flights that are going down at the end of April are changed to 1 week. So I am looking into something else…

Alf, they wanted me to change to the 24, but it was with westjet and it was a night…No way am I flying at night time. I done that route already.

There is a flight from St. John’s on the 24th …I wonder if they are stopping this flight over in Halifax and cancelling the 25th flight for two week people out of Halifax ?

hope its not a sign of things to come…we are flying down on the 12th and back on the 19th…out of Halifax with Air Transat…

keep us posted on what you find out and what your options are…good luck!!

I think it is a sign of the times and of things to come. Too many people waiting for those cheap last minute deals. Instead though the Tour Companies seem to rather cancel or combine flights then sell off cheap! So if not enough people book early enough for them to know that a flight is worth while they will cancel it. This year especailly the number of people that seemed to be waiting for big discounts because of the recession is way up and I quess the Tour Companies want to send a message early.

Maybe. But it also sends the message ‘Why bother booking way in advance if that trip may be canceled’? If this starts happening, maybe it’s better to wait until the last minute and see what really is going to fly …

Lots of choice leaving from Halifax to Punta Cana in April …Signature, Air Canada, Transat, Sunwing, Sunquest … lucky no one else cancelled …yet …LOL

Hi, just to let everyone know that I have rebooked. Leaving on the April 19 instead of the 25. Well I get to PCP earlier than expected…yes…Meet and Greet on the 22…Here comes more Capers…Hola from the Cape

Hey girl…morning flight?? Air Transat??? We’ll be on the same plane!!! wooo hoo
MEET AND GREET 22ND look out…the “capebretoncaper” is happy now!!! When a Cape Bretoner is happy EVERYBODY’S HAPPY. Good for you girl!!! (Sorry for the yelling…I’m happy for her!!!)

Happy to hear you were able to rebook! That’s the important part! :slight_smile: