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AirTransat Holidays---Meals?

We are returning to the Victoria in POP for the 8th time but this is the first time we have taken AirTransat. We are leaving on the 16:40 flight on March 16th. Has anyone taken this flight and can you tell me if dinner is served on the flight. Also, does anyone know if the USD20$ departure tax and USD10$ tourist card is collected on the way in and out? This fee was definately not collected by my TA when we booked with AirTransat. Previously we have travelled Sunwing and have always had to pay. On the forum I have read that this is included in the price of the vacation on Transat Vacations. If anyone can clarify this for me I would appreciate it. No matter what, I will take the USD to cover this cost…just incase!

16:40 flight. Yes, I would expect a dinner to be served.
Tourist card and departure tax IS included with Air Transat Vacations.

You will be served a hot sandwich of some sort.

Right. The term ‘dinner’ might be a bit of an exaggeration. ::slight_smile:

Thanks guys,

I knew someone would have the answer!