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Ala cartes at the GBP

Can you make reservations for the entire week when you get there and when can I make them?

Depending on your arrival time, if you get in during the day, as soon as you have a room number make your reservations. If you get in at night, do it first ting in the morning, stop in on your way to breakfast. The reservations desk is located just to the right of the front desk just off the main lobby.
Just my opinion…(for what it’s worth), but I would suggest the “Don Pablo, The Steak House and then the Japanese” (you only get the three). Try to book the Japanese for later on Thursday night so you can stay at the Hacienda for the Mexican Party night.

Jake, eh

thanks for the info, but what about the Mexican?

Well you can certainly pick which ever ones you might like to check out, but you can get plenty of Mexican variety in the Main Buffet. Actually, we never ventured into the Mexican during our visits, heard it wasn’t all that great, so we stuck with the others.

Jake, eh

Thanks, that’s good to know

Hey northernbutterfly, it’s all good until you get there and figure it out for yourselves…you just never know.

Jake, eh

Hi Northernbutterfly, just got back from the BP Tulum. We arrived at the hotel at about 6pm and as soon as we had our room number, we walked the few short steps to guest services and booked our al a cartes. We were so glad we did because in the morning it is full of people trying to do the same thing. We researched the menus before we went and knew which ones we wanted to book but they have a menu book at guest services that you can flip through before you make your decision. Just a side note - I found that everyone we spoke to had different reviews on all the restaurants, so it really is a matter of opinion. We really enjoyed Don Pablo but spoke to people who didn’t like it at all. Our favorite meal of the week was the Tequila (the mexican) we also did the Mikado (the japanese) at the Coba and although the service and food prep was entertaining, we did not like the food at all. So it really is a matter of personal taste.

Thanks for that info, hope you had a good week on your vacation.

Hey Frozie welcome back, hope you enjoyed the GBP Tulum, hope you ended up getting a bit of nicer weather toward the end of your trip :sunglasses:
The Japanese ala carte on the Coba side was closed due to a fire that burnt the roof off last time we were there :frowning: :o

Did you notice if they still have the Oriental restaurant over at the Hacienda Dona Isabel that is the one of the places we enjoyed.

We ate at one ala carte on the Coba side it was the French cuisine it was good but the food ended up being a bit rich for me… or maybe it was too much Wine…Jake did you like that one? I can not remember the name… again maybe too much wine… ;D

…Jake did you like that one? I can not remember the name… again maybe too much wine… ;D

We ate on the Coba side?
Was I there?
Never mind, they had wine, I must have been there.
I seem to recall a girl in a lowcut, tight fitting white dress…oh never mind, yeah I’m sure it was good. Where did you say we were?

My bad, I keep calling the “Oriental” the Japanese", you’d think I’d know where I was when it was time to eat (yeah right).


Jake I know there were no ribs on the menu so I can see why you wouldn’t remember the French resturant on the COBA side.