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Ala-Carts at the Riu Bambu

We are going to the Riu Bambu in December for two weeks, and were wondering what are the favorite ala-cart restaurants? We generally eat at the buffet, but for two weeks, need to change it up with a few ala-carts.
Also, do you have to register early in the morning for them as well? Thanks for the responses

OK, my information is a bit dated (2007)
When we were there, we could choose from 3 a-la-cartes. The first was Italian (good), steakhouse (medium) and a place called Caribe Grill (superb and we loved it, right on the beach and open air with roof, food and service was excellent). Caribe Grill was also part of the Palace Macao. With the demise of the Riu Taino and a new Palace, I’m sure the mix has changed. To the best of my knowledge, the Caribe Grill burned down and I’m not sure what it was replaced with. Darn, how time flies when you’re having fun.
We also liked what they called the Pizzeria on Caribbean Street. Pretty sure it’s gone too. :frowning:
Oh, and at the time you made reservations with the hostess at breakfast.
I’ve asked them several times about this and never got a response …

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