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Albatross Resort Guaravalca?

Anything new ??? I asked a number of people but ??? One taxi driver told since they torn down the disco business has been very poor !!!

This is how it looked last December 2014, which by the way is exactly how it looked in September 2014. i don’t think much has happened since then.

[img width=“655” alt="" src=“http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a609/sssnakes_alive/Paradisus%20Rio/221_zps0256e226.jpg” style=“max-width:100%;” height=“560”]

[img width=“660” alt="" src=“http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a609/sssnakes_alive/Paradisus%20Rio/223_zps6730498d.jpg” style=“max-width:100%;” height=“542”]

They have built a small building which I believe is for the Security personnel, that’s all, I think the whole project has been abandoned.

This was how the area looked in March this year, this was before the Security building was erected:

[a href=“http://smg.photobucket.com/user/bellagio1/slideshow/Guardalavaca”]Site of Albatross Hotel[/a]

If this sits for years in this condition, it will have been a terrible waste.

Well the beach looks like its ready for guests, but thats about it…

I meant to say sept and dec 2013, not 2014.