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All inclusive


as you may all of guessed by now we have never been all inclusive before.or to the caribbean
what are the pros and cons of going all in.
we are not big eaters or drinkers but we found this a better option with young children.
we usually go self catering so this will be a complete change for us but hopefully a good change



Personally, I like the idea of an AI as outside of any tipping you wish to do, or souveniers you purchase, there really is nothing else to pay for. You don’t need to worry about carrying money with you at all times either.

I know some resorts, really jack there prices up for those guests who pay as they go. For example when I was in Jamaica, they were charging something like 10.00 US for a burger and fries. Things like that make me happy for the AI’s.

Just because you’ve booked an AI vacation doesn’t mean you have to eat every meal on the resort either. Many members on this board, not only eat at local restaurants, they encourage others to do the same. That is how you get to experience a bits of the local culture.



Happyholiday,if your going on a short trip 2 weeks or less the all inclusive is the way to go,especialy if you have never been to a certain country or area in a country before,the resorts do try and cater to their guests,you will fine something to eat at the buffet,you will not as you mentioned get gouged for something to eat,but the one thing that really comes to ones mind is airfares,you can actually spend a week at an allinclusive cheaper then just booking a flight,go figuer,when i was still doing the all thing my rule of thumb was cuba no less then 3.5 star and the dr no less then 3 star,always had a good place and a good price,have a good trip


thanks for the advice bryan & theoldmillwright.
we normaly spend more as a family of 4 on self catering vacations than we have spent to go to DR. it certainly is good value for money .
also we will be eating from time to time off resort in the local restaurants as we feel you get to know the country you are visiting better this way