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Almost There


Well as of this morning there are only forty eight new members to go until we reach that milestone of 6,000
members in Debbies. It just goes to show you that people come to Debbies to get answers about th Dominican Republic. I think that the Administrator and all the Mods. have done an outstanding job keeping this site as the number one spot to get info and answers to so many different questions.
You can even chat with friends you have just made or PM them with personal questions. It is you the members who have created the best board by far. Sure we have had disagreements but what family hasn’t. There is always a peaceful solution. We gave grown to be a family of many nations and nationalities. The rest of the world should look in on us and see how it is done.
Wouldn’t it be something if our 6,000 member came from a country that has not been represented on this board before. Well ones again I would just like to thank the Admin.,Wud and Gregg for doing such an outstanding job with no pay. :sunglasses:


Way to go “family”!! As stillgotit says, thanks to Admin, Wud & Gregg for a job that is “overthe top”. I sure enjoy my time visiting this board.