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Am I a trader?


Hi guys,
Am I a trader if I want to try Cuba next year? ;D Will I still be welcome on the board? ;D ;). I love the DR and have been there a few times. I am thinking about Cuba next year. Iโ€™m a US citizen residing in Canada. I hope it wont be a problem leaving from a Canadain destination.
Please dont dis me from the board :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


You could potentially have more problems with you government (US) than with anyone from this board. It is still illegal for you to travel there without prior permission, even though you reside in Canada.

BTW, I suspect many here have been to Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica, etc., etc., and are not considered traitors.

I know I have.


You can request they not stamp your passport when you enter Cuba. :slight_smile:


patriot here:
I am both a Canadain and a US citizen. So is my son who is a US Peace Corps volunteerin Western Africa. We both consider ourselves citizens of North Americaโ€ฆ

My country right or wrong attitudes develops traitor mentalities,
standing up for the right thing to do develops patriotsโ€ฆ
your choiceโ€ฆ

we have been to Cuba three times. great country even greater people. Its also an inexpensive vacation spot.

i would like to show my children Cuba some day so that they would know and understand the greatest human sin, communisim.

There are real risks for you to go to Cuba, however many US citizens go to unsanctioned Cuba every day. Last year though, an Air Transat flight had to make a emergency stop in Florida from Cuba. If I was a US citizen on that flight I would make sure I had my best poker face on when and if I had to go thru US customs. i find traveling with my Canadian passport more "user friendly" globally

I too think you can have the Cuban Customs folks refrain from stampng your passport. (pretty sure)

Remember, the Cuban people have no hard feelings on US tourists, its the US government which has a bug up their ass about Cuba!
Regardless Cuba or DominicanRepublic ,I would expect you would always be welcome at Debbies web sites



thanks for the support and info. I spelled traitor wrong. I knew it as soon as I logged on to read any responses.

Patriot, The right thing to do โ€ฆ I should probably not go to Cuba. I will be a patriot! I guess itโ€™s back to the lovely DR next year.


When we went to Cuba a few years ago they never stamped any passports but a mini "Green Card" which is placed loose in your passport.

Although I am English and we have no trouble going to Cuba, I would recommend that if you can go then go and enjoy the holiday, my opinion is that I prefer the DR but I still loved Cuba and will probably go again ;D

Hope this helps