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American Airlines in Cuba


I think I have only been to Holguin airport twice ! I don’t know if there are regular charters from there - I know there are from Camaguey.

In Miami arrivals, I often see mentioned flights from various places in Cuba.


[quote=@spunky]Resorts sell expectations. She paid the money for adult only. She was surprised.
Are you back to Iberostar in Jamaica, jetpilot?[/quote]
Not sure if you are being sarcastic? I Love Cuba. Trying something different this year and back to Cuba next year.


This says there is one flight a week, operated by ABC charters:



Sorry jetpilot, I was looking at the ***upcoming. Have a great trip.

Thanks beardo, that makes sense. I see they do Havana and then Holguin on Fridays and do a Santiago run too. The Holguin one is the flight members here would most likely see first.


[quote=@jetpilot][quote=@eloisegirl]Could be. I was at PRDO with the Royal Service beach, and suddenly realized I heard the squawking of children. I asked the lifeguard why there were children on an adults-only private beach and he said they were locals who came to play on the beach, and he shrugged like "what can you do?" It was annoying because it was a beach full of quiet adults reading or snoozing. No one was thrilled with the shrieks.

Can you recall the name of the hotels where you read the complaints?[/quote]

A little aggressive…don’t you think so?[/quote]

Not at all - as already pointed out by another poster, I paid to have an adults-only vacation. I work with other people’s children 51 weeks a year - I really like a quiet vacation.


We have flown out of terminal D in Miami various times flying to the Bahamas. American Eagle have been flying RJ’s out of there into Havana for at least ten years.