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American Express Travelers Cheques


:sunglasses: :sunglasses: We’re going to the Barcelo Caribe in January and thought we’d bring American Express Travelers Cheques and cash them in at the casino…does anyone know if that would be a problem?


If you are insisting on using traveler’s cheques, that would probably be the easiest way to cash them. All donations are gratefully accepted at the casino! ::slight_smile: ;D


I do believe you will have to show your passport when cashing your travelers cheques


I know you have to at a cambio. I’m not sure about the casino, but I suspect stillgotit is right. That’s why the general consensus on the forums is to take $US cash.


We took Amex Travellers checks when we first went to the D.R. in 2003…didn’t use a single one!! Found that it was much easier to use $UScash. Now…that’s all we take.


Just remember that Travellers checks are paid out in peso’s, not us $$$.


Save all your problems and take mostly US$ in mostly small amounts. If you do run short then use the travelers cheques


Thanks for everyone’s imput!!..I had forgotten that they’d pay out in pesos. We’ve always just taken US $…so we’ll just stick to that. :slight_smile:

Best idea IMHO.


Hi Roxie:

I was worried about that too, but after posing the question and I think it was Bob and Senor and others who talked me into US cash only and I am glad they did.

It is a little nerve racking traveling with all that cash, but once you are here and it is in your safe, safe; it is so much more convenient. You don’t have to waste time cashing anything in, etc. and worrying about the conversion is eliminated.

But read other postings on the subject and then make your decision. If you bring US cash, make sure you bring lots of $1’s for tipping.


I totally agree–when you are at an all inclusive bring US$ and keep them locked in the safe and take out only what you need.

We take most of our money in small $$ since we rarely buy things or take tours the US$ are usually for tips and then the $20 dollars to get us out of the country on the last day! :wink: