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Americans To Cuba - First Three Months - 2014

Americans are more inclined to tip than Canadians :::

Sorry CK: I couldn’t access your link. Do you have another, one said try the LA Times.

I tried to put links to the article and they didn’t work.
Anyone interested can go to the provided link, then use the search for "visits to Cuba"
That works.

Original link worked for me but I needed to cut and paste the entire URL.

Story ran in the LA Times April 18, so it’s not that old.

Here is the link if anyone interested to read by [a href=“http://www.latimes.com/travel/la-trb-cuba-us-tourism-20140417,0,1032476.story#axzz2zpOMSBPd”]clicking here[/a]

Thanks for the link.

I didn’t read anything about American’s being more inclined to tip in this article?

Try this :::

Cubakingone I already posted link above so people can see as the way you doing break links.