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And now Dubois makes it # 91

# 91 Container loaded and on it’s way to Cuba
Chances are this might only one more to Cuba as the officials are making it very, very difficult for The Dubois Charitable Foundation to get clearances to send the much needed supplies to the Hospitals, homes for the aged and Orphanages . Very sad…but if this is what it is some other needy place will benefit.


Awesome picture. AGAIN…………it would be nice if the names of the people in the picture were posted, so the rest of us could know who is who. Other than that it is a nice picture of a group of people.

I’m wearing the turquoise shirt.

Ninety one!! What an amazing team of people! Wish you all the very best of luck with your future packs, wherever they may take you.

Thank-you John. I am sure many of you know each other well socially, it would be nice for those of us who don’t to have an idea who is who.

Loading the last hurricane relief container on Saturday the 1st of December , there is one more container for the old folks home in Habana and that’s it I think.
Sweets that’s me on the tow motor !!

I am sure all of your efforts will be deeply appreciated. Lenny you kind of cracked me up with your crock shoes. Not mocking, but can tell you are getting ready for Cuba again:rofl:

This could very likely be the last container from DCF for Cuba. I’m sure John & Marion will make some official statement if this comes true.
By the way Sweets I wear crocs all year !

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Looks like we will load the last container to Cuba on August 10th .
It’s going to Havana area to large retirement home , orphanages , a sanatorium , an institution for handicapped persons , and the Grand park Metropolitan of Havana.
This container load John & Marion have been waiting since September for " permission " to ship this load !!!
Pretty sure this is the last one to Cuba according to John.