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For personal reasons I am resigning from BTBCF as Director/Secretary.

It has been great experience being part of such a great dedicated team and for such a great cause.

I have met and made many friends during my time with BTB…

I wish you all the best in your continued efforts with the Kids and will continue to support as a committee member.




Thanks for all your hard work Rachel!


Thanks for your hard work. Your voice will be missed at the Director’s table but I know you’ll be a great asset to the Fiesta Committee.


Rachel - it has been wonderful having you as a Director and, Secretary… so glad you are staying on the Fiesta Committee.

Hope to see you soon…



You leave the position with a good impression. You still soldier on with the good work as a committee member. You’re a class act.

Best Wishes



You leave us as a wonderful Director…leave us as a great Secretary…but will remain with us as an amazing friend. Good luck & well wishes. Keep in touch . (Don )


Don, as usual I could not say it any better, Rachel we will miss you at the directors level. Thanks to both of you for what you have done for the foundation and the “kids”



I, echo all the opinions on your resignation, you have been a tremendous asset to the Foundation.
Please remain in touch with us.


Thank you ALL for the kind words. ;D

I won’t be far…. I will continue to support BTB and would gladly bring anything needed to the Punta Cana area.



Major Bummer for the foundation. You guys have made a difference and will continue to do so I’m sure. Welcome back to the Committee Team!




One must follow the direction in life that is best for them and their families - you have provided the Foundation and the Children of the Dominican Republic the benefit of your smile, the quality of your character and shown us all your dedication to something you believe in so much.

We are all proud to have had the opportunity to work alongside you and getting to know you.

Here is my hearfelt hug to you all the way from Whitby, Ontario … you can return it when we meet at next years Fiesta or on the Beach !!