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Another departure tax question

I’ve read the post by Debbie in the FAQ on departure tax. But I’ve also read on a French language forum that Skyservice still collected the tax at the airport ??? Can someone confirm this? I’ll put my 20$ aside, just in case.

As described by Debbie, I think that this depends more on the Tour Operator than the airline. We booked a Sunquest package. Skyservice was our carrier. We just returned from PC this week and no taxes were collected from us at the airport. Our tourist cards were also included.

"For all the other Canadian tour operators or [color=Red]airlines, the price of the Tourist Card and Departure Tax is prepaid[/color]"
My tour operator is Nolitours. I guess I’ll find out when I come back.

There is also a rumour that Sunwing has started including it in their package late December. BFC is suppose to report on that in his review.

we flew with sunwing for jan 16-23/09 and had to pay for tourist card and departure tax. so i dont think they are collecting yet. i thought it was a bit strange that sunwings taxes increased i believe from $298 i think maybe someone could help me out on that one. we paid $309 for taxes

I was referring to Sunwing being the only tour operator that had not been including the departure tax. So it is possible that if someone had booked a Sunwing package that used Skyservice as the carrier, then they may in fact have had to pay the departure tax separately.

We had some Nolitours passengers on our flight as well. None of us had to pay the departure tax.

Thanks wpggrant, good to know about Nolitours :smiley:

Regarding Sunwing, I was 99% sure it was just a rumour, because the difference from 298$ to $309 is only $11. Not enough to cover the $20 tax. We also paid the $10 tourist card and the departure tax with Sunwing in December. Sorry for the confusion. :-[

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