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Another new camera for snorkelers

Here’s another new option for a budget waterproof (to 3 metres/10 feet) camera for snorkelers.

Fuji traditionally does low light very well, so this might turn out to be a good option for the underwater stuff…


It looks like a great little camera. I wonder what the price will be?

And here’s another brand new one from Canon.

Looks interesting…


I have seen this camera advertised on a couple of dive sites this week and it looks good fun. Its advertised for $329.99 (US) and available early May, great price with 12.1 mp which is awesome.

I am pleased to report that the olympus 1030 did well in the water , altho there is nothing to see in Florida.
At $ 350 it SEEMS to be okay
It is good to 33 feet and impact resistant at 200 lbs of force.

I have a Pentax underwater. It’s not bad. I always wonder about those Aquapacs for regular cameras - anyone ever try one? Much cheaper than the underwater digitals, for sure! Just not sure how good/bad the Aquapacs are…?

That Canon has me drooling. Amazon has it listed at 330USD, though not yet available.