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Another Question-landry service


Does anyone know if there is laundry service at the Royal Decameron? If so do we have to send it out to get done, or can we do it ourselves? ???

I know its a long time but we only have 82 sleeps until we are in Panama… :sunglasses:


They have a laundry service where you send it out to get it done. It ranges around $2-$3 per item. (Each item has a different cost). Usually if you send it out in the morning, you will get it back the next evening. At least that was my experience with the turnaround.
I, like you, will be going to Panama in March and am counting down every day!!



Thank for the info Veronica. My husband is bugging me, is there a swim up bar in 1 one of the adult pools, I don’t think there is, but I want to make sure.



Hi Kelley:

I read somewhere and even saw a picture of the swimup bar. It is apparently in the new addition to the resort. From what I saw in the picture it looks like it is an infinitely pool. I will be checking it out in less than three weeks. Yippee.



Thanks Bebbie, I am sure this will make my husband happy. :smiley:

You don’t have long to go before you are off. You will have to give us a report upon your return.

Have a great time :sunglasses: (in case I we are not talking before you go)



Think of this - swim up bar - people don’t leave the bar for a long time - hmmmmmm - get the picture? LOL

This will be our third time visiting the Decameron, I still have not posted a review. No guarantee that I will this time either. I will be back on when I return…just in case there are any questions.

Refchief will be returning back to reality the day we leave so I imagine he will be a source of information.