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Another Sunwing question?

Does anyone know if Sunwing weighs all luggage together or if we do it individually? I always seem to take more than my Hubby so it would work out if we could weigh our things together. And then coming back from Cayo Coco would be the next question.

When we have traveled with Sunwing they have weighed our cases separately.

You may want to consider splitting up the clothes and put half of yours and half of your DH’s in each suitcase.

This way you can evenly distribute the weight and if a case is lost then at least you will both have clothes to wear while on vacation.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

On our trip to Cuba last month they weighed them together.

On our last trip they weighed the luggage separately. When I had originally inquired before travelling I was told that all bags are weighed separately. Now, this many not always be the case but they are fully within their rights to weigh each separately and charge for any overweight bags regardless of total weight.

Freedom Ryder, great idea, give away some excess and both of us have some of each. Love that idea !!! Can’t beleive I didn’t think of that. One less concern !

Always cross-pack with your spouse, just in case, and be sure to put a swimsuit, undies, and spare outfit in your carry on, just in case (esp if you are an unusually tall or round person). One girlfriend did lose her luggage for 2 days and was reimbursed 140 CUC by Sunwing, which paid for all her dives on the trip, and meanwhile her other gfs shared the clothes. Another time a couple’s luggage went missing for the whole trip (never heard how it turned out) - they had picked it up, and put it on the bus, but it never arrived. Anyhoo, the other tourists lent them tshirts and shorts and we had spare razors and shampoo to pass along. Nice little lesson in sharing and helping!

Re: weighing together - you can ask and they will do it. If you regularly visit Cuba where flying with excess weight is an issue, you can get a nice fish scale at Cdn Tire for ten bucks, and be dead on.

For what it’s worth, I can never remember our cases being weighed seperately, or ever getting charged for an overweight bag.

On our return flight from Veradero we were over by 3 kg. Fee would have been 60 CUC. Check in agent said give me 20 and don’t tell anyone…I could lose my job. Better 20 in his pocket and 40 in mine than 60 in Sunwing’s!

[quote=@lc]On our return flight from Veradero we were over by 3 kg. Fee would have been 60 CUC. Check in agent said give me 20 and don’t tell anyone…I could lose my job. Better 20 in his pocket and 40 in mine than 60 in Sunwing’s![/quote]I would have told him to get his foot off the scale. :wink:

Are you certain that your baggage was overweight? If ever requested to pay for overweight baggage, and if you are pretty sure that your baggage isn’t, ask to speak with a supervisor, and request a receipt for the overweight charges. If neither is available, it is amazing how quickly the charges disappear. ;D

There are on-going ‘scams’ at airports (not only in Cuba) of baggage being allegedly overweight, and the check-in agent negotiating a lesser payment, as with the previous poster (lc). Tourists should not tolerate these practices … say no and ask for a supervisor if you know that your baggage isn’t overweight. :wink:

This is how it is supposed to be done- in Canada. Each bag should be weighed individually to ensure it is not overweight. That is because there are labour regulations which limit the weight a baggage handler should lift at one time. If a baggage handler lifts an overweight bag which does not have a “heavy” tag by himself and gets injured, any compensation/disability claim could be denied. However, if travelling as one party, you are allowed to pool baggage and you are OK as long as the combined total does not exceed your total allowance for the number of passengers.
So just make sure that no individual bag is over the limit.
Having said that, that is just the rule…And we all know not everyone follows them.
I cannot speak for Cuba, I have no idea what their labour rules are.
And Madrugada is absolutely right. If it is a legitimate charge, you should be getting a receipt…

The 2 bags weighed a total of 39 kg when we left Toronto. Add souvenirs, and some rum and I had no reason to suspect 43 kg was unreasonable…may have been a scam, but for 20 CUC, was not worth fighting…at 60 I probably would have asked to see the President of Sunwing :slight_smile:

We travelled to Holguin in January and in Edmonton they weighed our luggage together. They even transferred some of my friends overweigh to us as she would have had to pay and we were under…Coming home she ended up paying as they weighed seperately… I guess it just depends on the person doing the weighing…

Just got back yesterday on Sunwing. Out of Ottawa they put them all together. Going home from Holguin they measured them separately but then added them together. One of ours was over slightly and the other 2 under. Other people were complaining thought as they had to pay!

We came back yesterday via Varadero - there were six of us travelling Sunwing - Elite (allows for 30 kg each). They weighed each piece seperately but added all the weight together - 144 kgs (including the dive bag) and said we would have to pay for 24 kgs over - when I pointed out the Elite allowance she didn’t seem to understand but luckily I had highlighted on the tickets that we had Elite Plus and and the weight allowance. She had to check with someone and then was quite appologetic. As it was the dive bag shouldn’t have been included in the total. They were being very sticky about the weight and a number of people had to pay both over and under the counter.

When we arrived in Varadero on the third people were warned about being overweight on the bus to the resorts also mentioning the Elite Plus program from Sunwing