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Another wine question (re: Majestic Colonial)

Thanks everyone for the replies about bringing wine into DR. Definitely going to try that.

Does anyone have any comments, good or bad, about the house wines at Majestic Colonial? I assume they also have a wine list with selections you can pay for - any noteworthy reds? What are the prices like?

Thanks in adavance!

I like my red wine, and I find their house wine is “yucky”. Been there 3 times. I liken it to a bad home made ‘plunk’. Sorry.
And I am by no means any form of wine connoisseur. :-/
Yes, bring your own.
They do have quite a selection for purchase though, and I don’t think the prices were that bad at all.

Well, that answers my unasked question about how many bottles to bring…“LOTS!” LOL! Do you know if they will let you bring your own wine into the restaurants? Do they charge a corkage fee?

Shhhhhhh don’t be giving them ideas LOL

LOL! I just read on another thread that some people have taken wine into the a la carte restaurants discreetly so I guess it’s a possibility. However, I am the only one who drinks wine at our table so it might turn into a hassle very quickly, since I only have a glass or two (ok, maybe three since I’m on vacation :slight_smile: ) with dinner.

Ok, call me tacky, but if we were going to the buffet, I would fill (yes, fill) my insulated mug with wine and take it with me. :-/
Come to think of it, I also did that at the Steakhouse. ::slight_smile:
The first time around I bought a bottle in the Steakhouse, and the waiter insisted I take the unfinished bottle back to my room. Of course I didn’t argue with him. :slight_smile:

An unfinished bottle of wine? I didn’t think such a thing was possible … :sunglasses:

I can assure you, it will not remain unfinished forever! :slight_smile:

Hey, it’s all inclusive. Except that they think you passed by a purchase of an expensive wine I don’t think they will care if you are bringing yours instead of drinking theirs for free.

True. I was thinking more of the hassle of dragging wine bottles around the resort after dinner. But if our room is nearby it won’t be a big deal (actually, none of this is a big deal :slight_smile: ).

Easy way to avoid this…make sure bottle is empty before dinner is over :slight_smile: Doesnt seem to be a problem for us LOL

Took the words right out of my mouth. A small bottle of wine is barely enough to accompany a nice dinner …

Besides, only one bottle of wine… what’s the girlfriend suppose to drink lol

LOL! Like I said, I’m the only wino in the family so it looks like I’m going to have to do some serious pre-trip liver workouts if I’m going to drink a bottle by myself with dinner (after having a few cocktails around the pool earlier in the day). I wonder if they have a 45-day “retox” program…hmmm :slight_smile:

Regarding bringing wine to dinner… I sort of thought the same as you… that u wouldnt be able to . .then i thought about it…why would they care… ? esp. in the buffett restaurant… its free anyway ( unless you order off the wine menu ). We had NO problem at all… we were just discreet when we brought it in . The waiter even brought over one of those cooler stands wtih ice to put the wine bottle in. We bought those Tetra boxes with us. so no need for a corkscrew… bear in mind. this was at Melia Caribe , but I dont see why it would be any different at any other all-inclusive.