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Anti-Malaria Meds?

Wondering how many of you have taken the anti-malaria meds. My husband and I received a prescription for chloroquine and are debating whether or not to take it since hearing there can be some drastic side effects.

We’re going to the Dreams Resort and Spa in Punta Cana in early April. I understand that they do some spraying for mosquitoes. Wondering if there’s reason to be concerned in this location of the DR and/or if anyone, from personal experience, can advise if the side effects outweigh the threat of malaria.

AFAIK, side effects from chloroquine are very rare. Aside from the fact that it dissolves very quickly and tastes bad, and should be taken on a full stomach …

My doctor prescribes Malarone. It is more expensive and you have to take it daily but there are few side effects. I can’t comment on chloroquine.

My daughter and I were given chloroquine prescription and I have tossed around for weeks if I should take it or not. My Own personal decision is NO. :stuck_out_tongue: I was supposed to take first pill today and 2nd next Friday, the day we fly out…I had a reaction to the dukoral shots both times…not severe but enough to mess up my stomach among other things… ::slight_smile: so I do not want to be in an airport or on a plane for that long and have things happen. I have my bug spray and stuff and will take my chances. This is just my personal opinion, and my husband is concerned about the side effects for me as well…his doctor would not even give him the prescription. Have a great trip!!

Since there has been a case of a Canadian who did contract Malaria when she travel to Punta Cana recently, I would take it. A Doctor did prescribe it!

Also if donate Blood, you will not be able to for 1 year afterwards - this happened to me when I traveled to Samana last year.

Could you provide a link to this information? I just checked the Canadian site (Public Health Agency) and US site (CDC) and couldn’t find any reference to this incident.

I actually found this article linked into CNN on-line this morning:
http://www.canada.com/travel/Holiday+might+give+more+than/969682/story.html (try cut/paste this link)

and when I followed the links about advisories, there were none for the DR regarding Malaria.

You can also see that Punta Cana is on the advisory from the Goverment


Thanks TQ for posting the news article.

I also found out this information when I when to the travel clinic.

Yes it is, and it always has been. It’s an area where malaria is endemic and cases have been known to occur. But AFAIK, there are no current warnings up, and I couldn’t find any reference to your reported case.

edit: as for the news article, it sure would be nice if they had a date on it. I don’t think it’s this year. I seem to recall reading that one some time ago.

There was quite a “discussion” this past weekend on TA with someone claiming they contracted malaria in Jan and were still under treatment as of March 3rd, the day she went back to PC.

Many questions were asked of this person and the “discussion” ended up in the toilet.

the travel clinic we consulted with recommended Chloroquine for Malaria. The nurse practitioner printed us out some information from the CDC website that told us there were “several” confirmed cases every year.

we are worried about side effects as well. PLUS we are taking our two children with us. Glad we are taking our initial doses while we are still here in the USA.

my husband went to his family doctor for travel advise. he received typhoid vaccine as well ( NOT recommended to the rest of the family through the university travel clinic). he had some NASTY side effects from that.

not happy about taking the Chloroquine, but probably will.

So after hearing so much discussion and tossing around should we or should we not…we finally decided to take ours. The weird thing only my daughter and my doctor prescribes them, my son and husband (DH)'s doctors did not. Took the first dose last night, probably a few days later than we should have, but I do not have to worry being on plane on Friday if I do have any effects. So far, besides both of us with uneasy tummy…not so bad. Have lots of bug spray packed as well. :-/

we just took our first dose last nigth and so far, so good…
we decided to take it, as our local health unit and our doctor said that there was a couple of confirmed (canadian ) cases of malaria from the DR in late january.

I’d like to know where he got that information because I can’t find any reference on the PHAC or CDC sites. However, after all the recent rains, the mosquito population is up, so it would seem to be a good idea to take the medication. Again, that’s a medical decision to be taken up with your doctor. It’s best for you to have all the facts when you talk to him …

I’d like to know where he got that information because I can’t find any reference on the PHAC or CDC sites. …[/quote]

If i could tell you i would :slight_smile:

I know that when i called in early december (health unit) to inquire about what to ask for, the nurse i spoke with then said not to worry.

I lost the paper that i had my notes on , so when i called again at the end of Feb, THAT nurse said there had been some confirmed cases…

we asked the dr and he said the same thing, so we decided to take it … shrugs… :-/

i’ll bet if i call the health unit tomorrow, i’ll get a different answer on it again… lol :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

We took the meds and I am very glad we did…

Right now it is like spring in Muskoka the mosquitos are so bad.

Just got my meds filled…hope NO side effects!

2ND Dose of chloroquine tomorrow, so far so good, no side effects…