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Anton valley questions


curious, how far is the valley from the decameron? I read somewhere that some vacationers rented a car from across the road to the resort and drove themselves? anyone know anything about that?
I have tried to find a map of the area, other than the provinces, it’s very hard to find.
Also looking for a map on Panama city itself. Would like to see where the decapolis is in relation to the canal, the allbrook mall and the bridge of americas… does anyone have any web sites?
thanks again!


Hey there,
We did the Anton Valley tour from the Decameron last week.
The bus ride is about 1 hour-but it is a very bumpy 1 hour. Not recommended for those easily nauseated. The tour itself was nice but short. We did a quick hike (about 10 minutes or so) through a secondary rain forest to see a waterfall; spent about 1 hour at the animal sanctuary; had 1 hour for shopping at the market in the valley.


We are the ones who rented the car from the National booth across from Lobby 2…The drive was lovely once off the main highway. The pleasure in the trip was we could stop whenever we wanted and take photos. And also, we didn’t have to fight crowds at the shops…

(I think you had asked about this before: you purchase the insurance right there as you rent the car.)

Northgal :sunglasses:


thanks for the replies. I would like to try and go on our own, i too think the experience would be fun.


If you’re going to rent a car and do it by yourselves try to go on a weekend. The market is much bigger on the weekend because a lot of locals shop there. The fresh flowers and plants are awesome to look at. I was really tempted to stuff one into my luggage. The guys at the national car rental are really expensive but they are more convenient than renting in the city. We got some maps on the internet. Also it’s actually called El Valle. There is another Anton on the way to Penenome, so be careful when you ask for directions. You can take a bus to El Valle, but in the end we decided it was easier to go by car. LS