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Anxious to hear from anyone when they return


Hi - we are leaving Nov. 30th for 2 weeks to Royal Decameron and have been advised by our travel agent that there will be construction going on while we are there ??? ???

Brochures read 260 rooms but travel agent advised 390+ now.

I am really anxious to hear back from anyone when they return re if the construction caused any problems or issues.

Really anxious to hear what people thought of the resort - I believe a few people are there now and will return some time this week - so hope you had a great time and let’s hear from you guys! :smiley: :sunglasses:



Hi all!! A quick note from El Salvador, we arrived last night, it is very hot here about 30 degrees, resort is lovely, people at resort very friendly.

Construction-- we did see they are building a new building at one end of the resort, should not be a problem, we only found it when taking a long walk on beach away from the resort.

Airport is very organized here we were off the plane and on a bus in about 20 mins

Only minor negatives so far if had to find some are long bus ride to resort- about 2 hours- nice scenery though and no fridge in room

To those coming DON´T WORRY!! This place is great.

Will post more info upon return home.



That sounds great. Take lots of pictures there to share with us.

Definitely want to hear more about it.



Hey Canadian64!

Thanks for the information. Hope you have a fabulous vacation there!

Only 13 more days for my husband me - woo hoo!

Let us know any extra tidbits if you can (do the rooms have a nice view/how is the food/drinks (do they make ceasers yum yum)/long beach for a long walk/rent bicycles and can you go off resort with them).

Have a super time and hope the weather is hot hot hot


hi folks,just spent week Nov 09-16,u will love it,wish we had stayed for 2nd week.Decide if you want room on ground level (1100’s) 2nd floor (1200s) or 3rd floor (1300’s). We stayed in 1240 and very nice but small balcony u can only stand on,ground floor u have full patio with 2 chairs. Depending on what floor u want,try to get rooms 40-56,they are no more than 100’ from ocean. Construction is minimal and other end of 40-56 ,and they are going to open 60 rooms in another week to take them to 340,two five story buildings are couple months off. Great food,tried all the ala carte restaurants,take the shuttle to other beach and swim in huge waves,lot of fun. Not lot of action going on around the resort but El Salvador very nice and people very friendly.Every day was sunny and 32C so get ready to fry your arse off hehe, long day in air and 2 hour bus ride but decameron very organized as soon as you step off plan,no troubles. Need anything else,let me know,take care JB ;D


Reh, beach is long good for walking, no Clamato for caesars bring your own in checked luggage and get vodka here,

going to try the bikes in an hour.

food and drinks good, same as other countries.


Hi Skibumm - thanks for all your information and glad you had a good time.

Hi Cdn.64 - thanks for your second update - glad to hear that the beach is long as we enjoy a long walk (to wear off all the excess in food we eat) - we enjoy biking as well so whenever you get the chance, fill me in on that experience - hopefully you can go off the resort (and that you felt comfortable doing so).
Enjoy your vacation!

12 more days!
woo hoo!


Hi everyone,

I just returned from the Royal Decameron on the 16th as well. Four of us went for one week and totally wished we would have booked for two. It was a great resort and the construction certainly wasn’t a problem. The rooms are great. We were in room 1313 and loved it as it was central to everything. We were close to the pool, the gym, the bar, and the salt water pool. The great thing about this resort I thought was that there was really nothing that was too far away.

As Skibumm said, the food is fantastic. We certainly never had any issues. We ate at all three al a cartes and my favourite was the Italian. I don’t eat seafood but they served a beef medallion dish at the Mediterranean Restaurant that was fantastic. The omelettes and fresh juice for breakfast were my absolute favourite.

I am not a beach person but the 25 minute bus trip to Costa Azul is definitely worth it. Playing in the waves was fantastic. We also had a great lunch there.

Also, if you have a chance you should definitely try the sweat lodge. Really not sure what they call it but it looks like a little igloo beside the gym. Definitely not recommended if you have heart issues or blood pressure issues but very cool.