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Any aviation or history buffs here?

You might find this kinda interesting…

[a href=“http://bigstory.ap.org/article/hijacked-cuban-planes-still-caught-limbo”]Hijacked Cuban Airplanes[/a]


thanks …interesting read

[quote=@cheersterry]You might find this kinda interesting…[/quote][b]Very interesting! Thanks!

We were in Key West on that very same landing strip… just a couple of years before… I think it was in October 2000. We took a small plane very similar in size to those in the article, from Fort Myers to Key West. Hubby, who is 6’6", had to sit on a fold-out seat in the aisle, so he wouldn’t hit his head!


A little off topic… but, at the time, there was some chatter online and in Key West, about possible tourist “ferries” to Cuba from the most southernest point of the USA ~ to keep the island’s economy going, as being an attractive/alternative destination for Americans curious to visit Cuba for a day or two.[/b]