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Any babysitter ideas?

hello, This is a great site. All the informations are useful.

I’m going to Cuba Varadero in 3 days. I’m going with my husband and we are taking our 18 month old baby boy. I went to cuba in 2007 when i was pregnant so i didnt get the chance to do many things like going on the speed boat and i was scared of the motocycle. This time i wanna do everthing i want but i dont know if there is a babysitting service that is safe. I don’t trust many people taking care of my son but i need time for me atleast once a year. any ideas?? please let me know and i would appreciate ur answers.


Welcome to the forum candel!

You don’t mention which resort you’re staying at. Some resorts do offer a Baby Club where you can leave your little guy for a few hours to get a bit of a break. Check with the reception desk as most resorts offer babysitting. No idea of the per hour cost, sorry.

I know what you’re saying about not trusting your child with other people, especially strangers. Cubans are however really great with kids and adore them.

On more than one occasion while vacationing at a resort, we’ve observed families with young children. As grandparents ourselves, we enjoyed getting to know the little ones and have played with many on the beach. We’ve even offered to babysit while the parents enjoyed dinner at an a la carte. Perhaps you’ll meet some “adoptive” grandparents at your resort that you could trust?

I know it’s too late for this trip, but many families like to take mother or mother-in-law along on vacations. Best and most reliable babysitters that I’m aware of.

Please tell us what resort you are going to. Some people here frequent the same resort and may even be able to recommend a reliable person.

Or you can mail me a ticket and I’ll come with you.

Yes it is a bit late to do now but our cousins took our daughter as a tag along babysitter. That way if they wanted to do something they had a babysitter with them.

I am sure you will find some way of making it work while you are there.

Hello im going to be staying at the CLUB PUNTARENA resort. My parents and my inlaws are all far away from us so its kind of hard to take any of them.

Thank you for the replies and im happy to get more answers

We usually bring our older son with us . 10 years old than DD I am going to miss him this year. He was our babysitter. I am not sure what we will do if we want to venture out on our own one evening. Kids club at times during the day for sure.

[quote=@candel] My parents and my inlaws are all far away from us so its kind of hard to take any of them.

Boy I sure can relate to that! Absolutely NO relatives living anywhere near us.

We always travelled with our kids too, but the experiences instilled a lifelong love of travel and adventure in them.

Unless things have changed at the Puntarena, I don’t think they offer a baby club.

I think your best option for a reliable babysitter is either another tourist, or the resort babysitting service.

Enjoy your vacation and especially your little guy!

thank you all so much