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Any Beach Restaurants near the Iberostar Bavaro?


We arrive on Sunday the 16th and are really getting excited!

We usually stay at the Barcelo Palace Deluxe and Melia Caribe…where we could walk to Jelly Fish Restaurant. Is there any good restaurants on the beach near IBB?

Just like a change of pace for an afternoon lunch sometimes. Any recommendations? Short Taxi ride would be fine if we couldnt walk…

Any info would be appreciated.! :sunglasses:


Not much within walking distance but you could try Rest. Cana located beside the Iberostar Grand just before the vendors for lunch perhaps.


Thanks Debbie, We’ll check it out… I see you have been quite a regular at the IBB… This will be our first trip and I can’t wait.

Any tips on your favorite restaurant or bar?? Anything we should know that will help us manuver the resort… Whats your favorite building location for you room?


LOL, I must update my signature as I was at IBB 3 weeks ago again.
My favourite restaurant is the Jambalaya, reason being is that they have a WIDE assortment of entrees to order from, fish, steak, pork, duck, different jambalayas, chicken etc. The appetizer buffet is also very very good there.
My second favourite is the Gourmet (La Coupole-Adults Only) and my favourite meal in there is the lobster salad, which you MUST have and thier tenderloin beef.

The lobby bar is fun at night, you can mingle around there and watch the show too if you’d like. I never made it over to the beach bar at the Dominicana, which I meant to as I heard they stay open till 11 pm. The beach bar at the IBB during the day is also a great mingle and meeting place during the day.

My favourite building location is right on the beach behind the beach bar.

Enjoy your vacation.


I requested that building behind the beach bar…but from what I understand they save the beach front rooms for specific tour companies… Can’t hurt to ask when we get there if they put us somewhere else…

Great advice…we will definitely try those restaurants for sure!! We are counting the seconds till we leave. I have heard such wonderful things about the Iberostar chain…I am really looking forward to it.

Hope we get close to the beach bar…!!!


not true about the specific tour companies… but good luck with your room request :wink:

Enjoy your vacation, one of my favourites for sure.