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Any comments on Barcelo Montelimar?



Not a lot of information on Nicaragua but I’m trying to start a discussion…

I saw a great deal o for this hotel :-/ and I would like to have feed backs from people who have been there. I saw somewhere that the beach is beautiful ever if it’s not white sand.




We were there two years ago, for the second time. We would go back in a heartbeat if there were charter flights out of Toronto. Unfortunately they aren’t flying out of there anymore because they couldn’t fill the airplane. People here in Ontario seem hesitant about going to Nicaragua. They don’t know what they are missing. A beautiful resort. A beautiful country. The beach is not white sand as you stated.


Thank you Bebbie for the informations.


[quote author=Bebbie link=board=Nicaragua&thread=1107441774&start=1#0 date=1107455355]Senorazul:

We were there two years ago, for the second time. We would go back in a heartbeat if there were charter flights out of Toronto. Unfortunately they aren’t flying out of there anymore because they couldn’t fill the airplane. People here in Ontario seem hesitant about going to Nicaragua. They don’t know what they are missing. A beautiful resort. A beautiful country. The beach is not white sand as you stated. [/quote]

You were the dancing topless right !
How you doing?
How was Panama this year?
We did have a good time in Nicaragua that year with you
It is a good 3 star resort
The best sunset you will see
The waves were great to play in
the food was OK
Rooms were dark inside but did not spend much time in the room



You trying to freak me out?
Brat :wink:
I agree - the best sunsets around.
ATVing on the beach is a riot.
(Panama was great!)


Hi, I was at the Barcelo Montelimar in 2003 and would love to return with my family next winter. I’ve actually been looking for a package deal all morning, but see nothing. This was the best holiday we have ever taken, much better than Cuba, Dominican or Mexico. It’s so “real” there…nothing touristy, the locals were wonderful and the weather was hot hot hot! If anyone sees or hears of any package deals please let me know. We’d be willing to fly out of Montreal or even Buffalo if necessary.

   Have just found this resort in the new Conquest book sounds interesting.How was the food  

and was there shade?Thanks for any info.



Please tell me that the Conquest book had flights out of Toronto. Last I knew they were out of Quebec.

We have been there twice - last time was almost three years ago, first time almost five years ago. Never returned because there were no flights out of Toronto.

It is hard to comment on the food as I can pretty well stomach anything. I found it acceptable.

There was shade around the pool. As for the beach - when we were there, there was plenty of trees along with hammocks. It is a beautifully groomed resort.




Never mind answering that question. I couldn’t wait - looked it up online and sure enough there are going to be flights out of Toronto. They are only showing packages until the end of March. Doesn’t look like we will be even thinking of heading there this winter as we have already booked our winter vacation.


We were very excited recently to find out that they again have flights out of Toronto to Nicaragua (especially since my travel agent has given me some amazing prices for January/February). We met a Nicaraguan native in Costa Rica last winter and he said the Montelimar is fabulous so we wanted to try it out.

My only concern is about safety. I’ve seen discussions about safety issues on other forums and I’m still not 100% convinced. The travel report site at Foreign Affairs Canada also suggests that crime is a problem.

Bebbie, did you have any worries about safety or see any problems when you were there? I realize that the political conflict in Nicaragua ended about 10 years ago but what I’m hearing about is robberies and violent crime. The last thing I want to do is have to watch my back while I’m on vacation. One of the things I love about going to Panama is that I feel completely safe and we love to wander around non-tourist areas in the little towns and villages to meet the locals, try out the local restaurants and shop etc.


Hi Heatseeker:

Funny that you should ask if I had any worries about safety or see any problems when we were there? The first time we went I must admit I was a bit concerned. The first night we were sleeping there was a horrific sound that awakened us. My first thought was - we’re going to die, we’re being raided. I laugh now. It was the alarm on the television that went off.

That year we took a tour that included the city, volcano and flea market. No problem. In the city we were bothered by small children asking for money. As per instruction of our tour guide we ignored them.

The day we had to go back to the airport there was a transit strike. Saw lots of police that day. Our bus was stopped by the police, the driver taken off the bus. He was gone for quite awhile, but returned and got us to the airport on time. That was a bit un-nerving.

Second time we went, five of us females left the resort to tour the nearby village. We were ridden into the village by young local lads on three bicycles. The bicycles could seat two passengers - the rider sat behind. It was a very interesting tour too. Definitely a language barrier.

The only unsettling time was when we were going back to the resort. One of the girls decided to give a couple local children candy - well she was besieged by children coming out of the bushes. It was unreal. They were hanging all over the bicycle she was on. The only way to get rid of them from doing so, was throwing the stuff behind us so we could make a clean get away.

You could also take a horse drawn carriage from the resort into the village.

We met people who had rented a car to drive around Nicaragua and they had no problems. They found the people very accomodating.

Like anywhere in this world - you can encounter robberies and violent crime where and when you least expect it. As with any area you aren’t familiar with - don’t flaunt what you have by wearing jewellery or flashing your money.


Thanks for the response Bebbie! Now I feel better about the safety concerns and also I’m happy to hear that are things to do reasonably close to the resort. The bike thing sounds like fun! (As far as being besieged by children, I have 4 kids so that won’t be totally unfamiliar. ;D)

I now have another question though. I just today finally got out and picked up all the new brochures, including the Conquest one which seems to be the only tour operator going to Nicaragua. I was quite surprised to see that they list the resort as a 3 star only since I had been told by different people it was either a 4 or 5 star. I have always had a policy in the past of not going any lower than a 4 star because I haven’t heard good things about the resorts with lower stars. Is the Montelimar really worthy of 3 stars??


Boy that is a hard question to answer Heatseeker - in regards to it being considered a three star. I have not been there in two years, so I don’t know if things have changed.

Is the rating in regards to what they have to offer at the resort? I am not sure. At the times we were there they offered nightly entertainment and day time activities on the resort.

We didn’t stay in the hotel part, we were in the bungalows. The rooms were nothing fancy. They were big, could be considered dark, safe in the room (free to use at the time), television, big bathroom complete with sink, tub, shower and toilet.

There was a zoo on the grounds. If you want to call it a zoo. It seemed more like farm animals to me. There were monkeys too that were NOT caged. Definitely not timid. You don’t dare have anything in your pocket as they will steal it when they come to visit you.

First year we were there, there was a casino on the property. Two years later - when we returned, it was closed down.

I would wonder if there is a strong language barrier on the resort still. There was when we went. Most of the resort workers did not know english. I would suspect they would know french now because the flights out of Quebec were never cancelled. The years we visited there seemed to be alot of people visiting from Quebec.

One thing I will tell you - the most beautiful sunsets I have ever witnessed were from this resort. They were different every night. I have some amazing pictures taken. That is something not to miss.