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Any good advice for newbies to Jamaica?


My hubby, 8 year old and I will be traveling to Jamaica for the first time in March. We got a great deal for a week at the Riu Negril. Any advice for first timers? What are some tours not to be missed? Have been to Mexico 5 times, the DR twice. Eagerly awaiting our Negril trip. :sunglasses:


Enjoy being able to drink the water!! ;D

All kidding aside, Jamaica has a vibe all it’s own. Negril is a great place to visit for the ultimate beach in Jamaica so enjoy the beautiful sunsets and stretch of 7 mile beach.

Contact these folks and they’ll help you set up some great tours, they have an excellent reputation.



I didn’t even think about drinking the water-so used to not touching the stuff! ;D

We are so excited to be going to Jamaica this trip! Will definitely enjoy the beach and sunsets. Thanks for the reply-will check out the people on the link asap.


We learned the hard way… bring cough syrup. ::slight_smile: My sister came down with a horrible cough our second night at the RIU Ocho Rios. The only cough medicine the resort had was $6US for a small bottle and it was Buckleys!!! The rest of us found that amusing of course. Oh and big thermal mugs. The resort did have some when we got there, but they quickly sold out!


Thanks for the advice! Definitely taking the mugs-wouldn’t leave home without em! ;D


One thing that my wife and I are doing now is bringing our own beach towels. Depending on where you are going, it is often hard to get towels for the pool or the beach.