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Any Good Travel Contests?

Does anyone here ever play any contests for free trips?

I enter the Trip Central trivia contest every day with hopes that I’ll eventually win their weekly giveaway. (no luck yet)

The closest I’ve gotten so far is a radio draw for a trip to Mexico on Feb 27. I’ve gotten to the final stage in that one. My chances are now 1 in 94. I’ll find out who wins on friday the thiteenth (Yikes!)

Does any one know of any Punta Cana contests online??
Has anyone here ever won one?

I do the trip central one to. As much as I hope to win, not holding my breath.

Me too! Everyday for two years now…I figure my time has to come at some point:)

I have been entering Trip Central trivia contest every day for the past two years, zipo so far

I too enter the Trip Central contest just about every day as well as any other contest that I come across with a trip as the grand prize. I just entered a contest with Air Canada Vacations with a grand prize of a one week stay at your choice of Dreams resort and Punta Cana is included.

Last year was my lucky year. I first won a trip to Chicago to see the Chicago Bears football game. We were in one of the “Suites” with tons of food and beverages. Nice trip. Right after that I won a trip to Jamaica on our radio station. That was a 1 week at Ohos Rios with our Radio station announcers/manager/promotions guy. That was just before Christmas that I won that and my husband had a secret which was he bought me a trip to Dominican for Christmas. Wow what a year. It was fantastic. Thing is you can’t win unless you put your name in…so keep it up, your day may be coming.

WOW Sunseeker6-you sure did have a lucky year! Sounds wonderful!

I won a Alaskian Cruise 2 years ago…sold it though, had newborn at the time. CHEO sweepstakes.

Go to www.travelchannel.com for a trip to Peru this month. I really want to see Machu Pichu. I won a trip for 2 adults and 2 kids in 04 to the Iberostar Lindo for 7 nights and airfare. It was through Family Circle magazine, I didn’t even have a subscription at the time just wanted to go away so badly so would enter everyday and send one by mail. It worked! But haven’t had any luck since but they don’t call me the contest queen for nothing. Most American magazines have travel contest if you look online.

Hey milli08, just entered the same Dreams contest with AC Vacations!!

I enter the travel contests each year with Itravel2000, Sunwing…whichever tour operator offers them when I check out their sites.

No horseshoes yet but your right sunseeker8…someone has to win…so enter!