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Any idea what the groom should wear?


Hi All,

We are getting married in DR (Bahia Principe) on April 28th. I have picked out my dress however we are struggling with determining the best option for the Groom and his party to wear. Does anyone have any pics or suggestions. Would like it to be somewhat formal but tolerable in the heat.




We are getting married in May at Ocean Sand and my FH will probably be wearing a white cotton dress shirt and beige pants. Although my dress is taditional we though that he would be more comfortable in that rather than a tux or suit because of the heat. I would love to see him in a tux but think it will be too hot.
You could always do nice black or navy dress pants and a white shirt. That would be a little more formal than beige or kaki pants. I know some other grooms who are doing a Hawaiian shirt or linnen pants and shirt. We are going to check out Old Navy, the Gap and H&M when they start to get more of the spring/summer lines in to get some ideas.
Our other thing about the tux is that you would have to rent it for a full week and that might be really expensive.
Hope that helps a bit…good luck.


we are similar haha
I have a pretty traditional dress and my man and his party will be wearing khaki shorts and white short sleeved dress shirts!!
they wanted to be cool and breezy!! fine with me!!


My husband wore a nice pair of beige pants, and a coral/pink (he did not know it looked pink) dress shirt and a tie. He wanted to wear the tie. I had a formal dress and I thought he still looked very “fresh” but did not look too casual beside me. I did not want him to wear dark colours when everything around us will be so green and blue.


my fh is wearing kaki pants and a white Hawaiian wedding shirt here is the website. this would look nice with navy pants aswell with some leather sandels (thongs) I got a nice pair from Aldo.




I am getting married at Breezes POP on January 17(10 days from today!!!)
I have an ivory destination wedding gown. The girls are wearing dresses that are some what dressy but casual and they are pink/orange/peach.
The groom is wearing a light blue silk top with black pants.
The guys are wearing tan silk tops and black pants. Same with my father-in-law and my brother.

It is a tropical wedding and it will be 90 the day we are married. We wanted the guys to be comfortable and sweat as less as possible.


I am going to get married in june. i am going to wear a burgundy,dark red dress, and my FH is going to wear a suit navy color, a white shirt and a tie in the same color my dress. All clothes are fresh and thinked for that weather (he is from there).

Good luck to u all and have nice plannings and a great day…


We are getting married at Bahia Principe PC and I am going to be in a FULL wedding gown, so no shorts for the FH since that will make it look too off that one is so cas and one so fancy. We ordered his clothes online - offwhite (since my dress is ivory) linen pants, and off white linen button up shirt - long sleeve. Since it’s linen, it wil let the breeze in fine, and it doesn’t look too non-dressy. the groomsmen are also wearining linen - natural/tan pants and a turquoise shirt. The shirts we ordered fromt he same place and it is custom fit - so to their measurements.



iam wereing a full traditional wedding dress too, but the fh is wear dressy “beach” wear. we are going with the hawiian wedding shirt and tan pants, since the groom and the “men” are all very tall we were thinking of 3/4 length pants (seen in pics and they look awsome) with leather thong sandles. my bridemaids are getting their dresses at LeChataeu and that way they can were them again after the wedding. red dresses and the groomsmen will wear red shirts.



my husband wore white linen Liz Claiborne pants and a baby blue linen Liz Claiborne shirt. There was a white linen jacket to go with the pants but it was so hot that day he didn’t wear it. I didn’t wear a giant poufy dress, it’s not my style. Here’s a pic:


Hi Queenhelly,

Love the outift your man is wearing in this pic!! I went on the Liz Claiborne website but could not seem to find linen menswear that looked like what was in this pic. Did you order it from their website?? Approximately how long ago?

Thanks again to everyone that responded!


A lot of places don’t haev their linens out until early February - so if you’re not getting married for a little while, then don’t worry about it until they come out. They are usually gone, however, in most stores by late May. When we went looking, it was August for this February, and we were laughed at that we waited so long - I thought 6 months was plenty of time. So, that’s why we ordered them online.

We also bought white pants for Corey to wear a different day - from Tristan America.


Thanks…we are getting married at the Bahia April 28th. So I guess you could say we are cutting it really close. Too worried about my own dress and not thinking about the guys. Hopefully we can find something soon…as we have just over 3 months to get this part nailed down. Yikes!


that’s plenty of time. I only just found mine and that was because I lucked out. At least you have a chance to see everyone’s linens in the store…you should try Derks Formals - they have destination wear coming out in Feb - but, it was obviously not an option for us to wait until then.


I purchased his outfit at a department store called Macy’s in New York. It’s true that stores don’t put linens out in winter. We got married in late May and we got his outfit less than a month before the wedding. As for my dress, I got it 10 days before the wedding.



you are a very beautifull bride and you have an handsome groom. congrats on your wedding. I got my dress but its traditional but not puffy. A line slirt. we change our mind everyday on what fh is going to wear. lol.