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Any Ideas Why?


We just returned from a great vacation at Breezes!
Would definitely recommend this resort!!!
My daughter decided to spend her money on a pair of Breezes shorts from the resort…does anyone know why they would have been taken from her luggage at the airport?? I have one very upset child. :’(


Our friend’s daughter bought one of the V-neck mesh yellow shirts last year and got it home just fine, she wore it all summer. Perhaps someone at the airport took a liking to them?


When you say taken do you mean customs or maybe baggage handlers? :sunglasses:


Yes taken after we checked in!It’s not really that big of a deal except my daughter spent her own money on them, it was the only thing she wanted!
Also our friends we traveled with packed a bottle of rum in his luggage? He said it was opened and someone had a few drinks…LOL!


…that sucks about the shorts…Was your luggage locked?..I am heading down to breezes feb/13 and if you would like, i can try and get you another pair for your daughter and mail them to you…pm me if that sounds good…take care…



You are one really nice guy!!


That is the reason that I lock my suitcases and add the cable ties so it is too much trouble for anyone to open, they would just move on to an easier bag.


No I didn’t lock our luggage. Seems like everywhere we travel our luggage is inspected!! It just seemed like an odd thing to take… ::slight_smile:
Thank you so much bakermaniam your offer is extremely generous…we may have it figured out if not I will pm you!
My daughter was very happy someone we don’t even know was willing to help out like that…Thank you!
Have a wonderful vacation!! :sunglasses:


I always take gifts I bought or should I say Mrs. Stillgotit bought, and put them in our carryon. All others go into regular suitcases. If they want my dirty underware then they can have them. :sunglasses: