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Any News On Wild Cards For GTD for April?


Anyone heard anything yet, or still too early??



Haven’t heard anything agout April…but i leave on feb 18, booked a 4*wild card and i believe we are staying at the blue bay getaway…got a super deal…700.00 each all taxes in…if they keep selling out like they are i am sure you will have a wild card in april…


God I pray they have these super prices in April??

Keeping my fingers crossed

Can you apply them for two weeks or only one??



So far the “wild cards” have only been for 1 week. Once the heavy duty holiday scene finishes at the end of March the prices are likely to come down again.


Don’t make a bet on the prices coming way down in April as many of the resorts are fully booked until the end of April. This is from a friend who is a reservation manager. :sunglasses:


Thats the problem when you are an individual like moi waiting for a very large refund from Revenue Canada-slow-slow-slow!!. you cant book anything until the money comes through-and will the resort be be available at that time, who knows??


Are these wild card only in Ottawa? I would like to know more! I am in Toronto. Where do you look?


GTD does not fly out of Toronto.


On exitnow.ca the other day I noticed something very similar. If not mistaken it was referred to as a surprise vacation (or something along those lines.) It may have sold out, because it’s now gone. They have a toll free number though that you can call to inquire with them.


Whatever you saw, while it may have been similar, was definitely not a GTD Wild Card as GTD simply do not sell through travel agents (either on-line or traditional).



Hey guys…well i am out of here to go on my GTD 4* wild card trip,we’ll post next week with pics…we are leaving…NOW!