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Any one going to Club Bucanero soon?

I’m looking for someone going to club bucanero soon who wouldn’t mind taking some Halls and some parasite medication to an employee of the Hotel. Also if anyone has any idaeas how else I might get this message out it would be most helpful. Thank you.

Hola Sally54

I will put a sticky on this thread for a while in hopes of someone seeing it that is heading to “Club Bucanero”.

I hope someone is able to help you out and deliver these items. :wink:

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

Thank you freedom ryder–I hope I can find someone too.

We haven’t booked yet but this is on our short list to watch … If we go here it will be either the end of February or end of March.

I’m going to Siboney on December 11 for 4 weeks. Siboney is a town close to hotel Bucanero and it would not be a problem for me to deliver your medicine for you.
I am already bringing medical supplies for a Santiago hospital so adding your medicines to the package should not be an issue, as long as they are light-weight and compact.

Thank you so much. My friend has giardia (parasites) and conventional medicine has not worked so I have looked for homeopathic remedies of which there a few. This week I will purchase some and can send it to you. How does that sound to you? It will definately be light weight and compact. Again thank you so much–what city are you in? Heather

Just back from Club Buc and the food was surprisingly good this time. This is a nice place for people who want to go to Stgo by cab (15 CUC but they say 20… watch the meter :)), but be aware it is not a place for children or anyone who doesn’t like a rocky beach - you MUST have water shoes. Also, if sex tourism is not your thing, avoid it entirely.