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Any one heading to Blau Costa Verde in Dec

Going to be in Blau Costa Verde on Dec 14th? Anyone else heading that way?

We’re hoping to go back for our third time in Feb. or March. Be sure and submit a review of the resort when you return. I’m sure many fans of that resort are wondering how well it has recovered from the hurricane.
Have a great trip.

Thanks! Will do for sure. Never been there before. I guess it a great hotel if your heading back for your third time.

Question…is this resort secluded? How far is the nearest town? Is there any off the resort clubs? I heard of Lo Roca? Is this near by?

The resort is on a bay with 3 other resorts so its not secluded. The nearest town is Guardalavaca and its about a 15 min. taxi ride. It’s a small town but worth a visit. There’s a real nice public beach and a small crafts market. Sorry, I can’t help you with the clubs.

So ther is a public beach in the town? I would like to go visit the markets and maybe bring my swimgear…

Hi there,

We are returning to the Blau Dec 21 for Christmas. There is (was) great snorkeling right in front of the resort. Market is small in Guardalavaca. If you can afford to do the day trip to Santiago de Cuba it is well worth it. Lovely hotel with great staff. Beautiful beach.

The public beach is a great place to meet and greet Cubans. Its a nice beach, lots of shade (at least there was before the hurricane) and it has a beach bar. There are different ways to get there from the resort. A taxi is the best and most reliable. There was a bus that had a schedule that I never did figure out, a “train” that may or may not stop at the Blau and a horse and buggy that we seldom saw.

We have two families returning to the blau in dec. for 2 wks.
We are hopeful all is well there, have great memories from our last visit. and yes the beach is amazing, can’t wait to see the kids faces, they have only been to p.v. mexico, they are in for a real treat

we are going third time in jan11/09.clus le roca is in guardalavaca.by taxi 10.00 its a good club also hangout for locals.you will have fun myonlysunshine1978 its goos resort and staffs are amazing.

We stayed at Brisas last week and it was wonderful I might add. The public beach took quite a hit after the hurricane. Not near as many trees as before, but all the bars are still standing. The damage to that whole area was something that I could not even put in to words. You just have to see it.

As for the cheer of the locals and staff, they were fantastic!!! Most would tell you their story but would add that they were happy to still be here.