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Any recient visitor from grand palladium?

just checking to see if there is any new news / opinion/ experiences, etc out there as there hasn’t been many new reviews in a while.

Got back on oct 10. Really, really liked the resort. I have been very busy and had no time to write a review, but I can try to answer some questions.

Was at Grand Palladium in January 2008 - Very Large resort ( 4 in 1) We had a wonderful time! If you would like to know any specifics let me know.

Elar and 2g2sun,

If Palladium is a 4 in 1 type of resort, is there one of the 4 resorts that struck you as nicer? What do you see the main advantages/disavantages of each?

We’re a group of 8 people booked to go to Dreams Tulum for Christmas but it has been closed down and it’s starting to look like it may not re-open. We’re looking for a high-end family-oriented resort.

Many Thanks!

are they just doing reno’s at dreams???

i don’t think i have specific questions but am just getting excited and hadn’t read many new reviews. We are going with a 2 year old and are curious on food for little ones that may be more appealing to them. Like chicken nuggets, lasagna, etc… my 2 year old is very picky and i’m wondering what the heck i’m going to feed him while there!!! I hope i’m not going to have to go to walmart while there and by him nothing but snack foods… :frowning: do they have microwaves in the room or buffet???

we also booked a suite in the riviera section, is there only teh king bed in the “bedroom”? wondering where we are going to put him to sleep? as we were hoping to keep him in the bedroom area so when he’s in bed we can stay in the living area for the rest of the evening… but unsure what to do as i think the only suites with teh pullout sofa in the bedroom was in the other sections…

lin04, Dreams Puerto Aventuras is closed for renos. Dreams Tulum has been shut down by the Mexican Environmental Agency. They were supposed to re-open October 1st, then postponed to mid-October, then postponed to end-of-October, then postponed to mid-November… you get the idea.

ahhh, yes i think i remember hearing something about that a while ago but never paid too much attention to it as we crossed it off our list for other reasons. thanks for sharing.

lin04: Hi Again! We had a 1 bedrom suite - we requested a crib - they are small and the bars are further apart than our “Canadian Standard” cribs! We did bring our playpen which we used for our son to sleep in! There was no microwave in the room we were in, we used the coffee maker to heat up water for washing bottles and heating up baby food, etc! There was a variety of food daily at the buffett - don’t worry your child will be happy I’m sure! The snack bar at the beach has hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, pizza. I know that there was milk in the buffets (I’m a paranoid parent so I’m probably going to bring some powdered milk with me when we go away in January) I’m sure it’s fine though - I drank it in my coffee! If you have anymore questions you can ask. TTYL!

prrollt: The Riviera and White Sands share on side and the kennateh and Colonnial share another! We ventured over to the colonnial side only once and I thought that the Riviera side was nicer. There is a pontoon boat that will take you around that side of the resort - the Colonnial didn’t have this! The only disadvantage I had was the walking - we couldn’t use the manmade walkways that often because there were a lot of stairs - the guys carried them over several times but we had them paced down for the day (lol) We walked the long way around to the pool and the buffet! There are also golf cart type cars that will take you around as well (just remembering this) They didn’t acomadate our big strollers! But the will an Umbrella stroller!

lin04: The other family we were with lost thier luggage and had to go to the Walmart for clothes, etc - prices were very cheap (as long as you purchased things without “Riviera Maya” on it) Also - If I remember our room was a suite (not a junior suite) It had 1 seperate bedroom (with a door) The curtains also block out all the light for that morning/afternoon nap that your little one might have! Take Care!

the milk is fine out there for the little ones, my son was 14 months last year and drank lots of it daily with no issues. We will bring our umbrella stroller with us as well, it was a life saver last year! OUr boy is in a big bed now, so he will not sleep in his play pen like last year, so i think i’m going to buy on of those portable cots at walmart. We also have a one bedroom suite with a door on teh bedroom, so i’ll just set it up in there i guess and we can be in the " living area" for the rest of the night till we are ready to goto bed too. The food thing is a bit of a issue for us since our 2 year old is extremely picky!!! he doesn’t eat any better tehn when we were there last year and he was 14 months!!! he won’t eat meat, cheese, pasta, veggies!!! bread items, fruit, fries, chicken finger and lasagna is it! oh and broth soups with noodles( has to be small thin noodles) or rice. so that is why i was wondering if they have kid friendly items. i know some resorts really cater to kids and have a special area in the buffet for them.

Kantenah and Colonial were closer to the beach, then the royal suites, were we were. The Riviera had no beach but a salt water pool, wich was also very nice. We did not mind the walking and the bridges, they kept us a little in shape. In the evenings we would walk to the restaurants, even on the other side of the resort, to work up an appetite. All four seem to be really nice and all have nice gardens with walkways. We liked it that you could go and eat everywhere. But to be closer to the beach I would prefer Kantenah for the next time.

Elar and 2go2sun - I have been to Royal Hideaway Cayo Ensenachos - and Sunscape The Beach - can you compare them to GP for me??

We want the best beach, and food combination… and the price at GP is comparable to returning either of those…

We loved the beach in Cuba, and the food at Sunscape!


Just back from Palladium and want to remind people that Mexico Riviera Maya area is the second largest coral reef to Australia. This said you can not compare the beaches of Cuba or the Dominican to Mexico as they have the better beaches. The beach on the Kantenah side of the resort was the best for swimming. As for food we gained a lot of weight if that tells you anything.