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Any suggestions? Allegro Papagayo?


Hi CR folks.
We are thinking of March break in CR. We have been to Cuba for the last 3 trips and it might be time for a change. My husband and I will be travelling with our daugher and her friend, age 17-18 and we want a resort that will keep us all happy. We love live music and a friendly crowd and the girls want to party. Is there such a place that anyone can think of. Ah yes, there must be monkeys…
I would appreciate any comments.


Hey Jaynew,

Allegro Papagayo is a nice resort, but is quite isolated ($30 Taxi ride into any town), there is also no live music being played here and it’s not really a party place. The two times we have been there, the disco was pretty quiet!! There are however Monkees, but there are monkeys everywhere. Remember also it’s a Black sand beach there (some people don’t like that)!!

Costa Rica is a Fabulous Destination for ECO-Tourism. Don’t think you will find too much for a party hardy resort. I don’t think the Allegro Papagayo is what your looking for, maybe Allegro (Mike) has some better ideas for you.

If you go, get out and see the country, it’s fabulous!!



Be careful about booking the Allegro Papagayo at March Break, the Allegro Papagayo is one of the hotels that cancelled their bookings around Boxing day week last month. March break is another busy time for travelling. Don’t take the chance of being cancelled days before you leave.


The Allegro Papagayo is laid back, maybe if you stayed in Playas Del Coco(we had a blast shopping there), or possibly Playa Hermosa(good surfing) their might be more to do, but again, when we stayed at the Allegro we never traveled outside the hotel at night, it was just to far to go.

Costa Rica is definately a rest and relaxation rejuvination kind of vacation, like go see the Arenial volcano and the Tabacon Springs, bring your suit.

If the girls want to party though, I just think they may be a little disappointed, its the laid back drinking type of atmosphere :sunglasses: Enjoyable, but not the party till you puke type atmosphere they may be looking for, or a spring break atmosphere they want. If that is what they want, you may be want to look at some place else.

Deputy343 :slight_smile: wishes she was going back to Costa Rica this year