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Any suggestions?.... First time going to DR with 3 kids

Hello all. I know there are probably plenty of people posting almost the same question but I would love everyone’s input. Have been looking into going to Punta Cana for a while. Some friends suggest it and some are against it… It would be 2 adults (my boyfriend and I), my 3 children… ages 14, 10 and 7. I want to try and find a place where they would all enjoy. I guess my 14 year old is too old for a kids club but I am open to suggestions. Also, are there any resorts where they have 2 bedrooms or a suite of some kind where the adults can have a bit of privacy at times. Thank you…

For this time i can’t help you about this topic because i haven’t been there so far but i like to know something form you and that is why some people are against of Punta Cana.Let me know the reason why the are against of it! Was there any problem to go?