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Any "Theme Song" at the Palladium Resorts?

Wondering if there were any theme songs at this resort that they may play often? Or any other popular songs that they may play?

The Bahia has their own theme song with actions that they usually do at the end of the shows each night. In the Mexico, Tulum Bahia resort, they actually had the people come up on the stage to learn and participate in this action song. Fun too…great experience! We looked forward to this on our first trip to the DR when we stayed at the Punta Cana Bahia, but they didn’t do that! Oh well…still enjoyed the entire shows each night though!

There was another action song that was played often in the DR too (and apparently in Mexico too!) and it was played on the Marinarium Tour we went on and everyone got up to dance and knew all the actions! I just can’t remember the name of the song off the top of my head now…hadn’t listened to it in a while now. Someone can help me out here if they know…one of the actions was to “jump to the left” then “jump to the right” I know that was part of the song at some point…I just can’t remember? I’ll have to find my CD I have that on and repost here later if no one else heard it before!

perhaps time warp :slight_smile:


Could it have been the Cha-Cha Slide? I hear this one a lot when I’m down there and everyone knows the dance.

Nope…I finally remembered it today at work as the song was going through my head…it’s called “Follow the Leader” Or in their terms or pronounciation…“Follow Da Leddah”! lol lol I don’t know where one could find it to hear it, but anyways, that’s what the song was called and it was an action song…fun too!

I just googled Follow the leader and heard and saw the video on youtube. It is by the Soca Boys

Isn’t the theme song for the Palladium called La Cura by Pena Suazo y La Banda Gorda?