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Any thoughts on Canjet?

I noticed that Canjet is doing all Air Transat flights out of Newfoundland this season… anyone flown Canjet recently? Is the seating as small as other charters or a little bigger… I read on previous threads about the possible stoppage for re-fueling in the Bahamas…I like the club class that Transat offers… I guess there is nothing like this on this plane… can anyone help?

We have flown twice with Canjet and really liked their service, especially the stewardesses they are very friendly and really care about your needs.

The plane is very basic, the seats are not that small like I have seen on some Skyservice planes and NO there is no Club Class or separate compartment at the front of the plane.

Both trips with them were good flights (except for a 4 hour delay going to PUJ a couple of weeks ago).


Hi there,

We flew with them out of Montreal last year (going to Varadero) and were pleased with the service. They are basis charters, no club class. However, the seats are a little different and gave us the impression that there was a little bit more space on the aircraft thus, giving you a bit more leg room. Not sure about the stop overs… I believe their aircrafts are 737’s.
Enjoy your holiday!

Have flown with them twice out of Halifax, this year we had to stop in Nassau for fuel (high head winds they say) so were delayed by almost 2hrs into Puerto Plata. Flight crew are very friendly and service is good. Seating is as comfortable as a charter can be and there is no club class offered. We always travel with two other couples and both men are over 6’3" and have no problem with seating, we have flown on the Transat planes before and they were not comfortable at all. The Canjet planes seem to have a bit more leg room because of the pitch of the seats.

Their planes do not have the required radar to fly at sea so they stick to the coast line this is why the longer flight times. We will be flying with them again in February 09 (Air Transat Vacation) from Halifax and the flight time is 4½ hours to Puerto Plata so either we will be stopping again or they are still flying the coast.

Well, we flew Canjet two years ago and had the stopover in Nassau. (on the return flight) . They announced the head winds scenario…but you have to remember that Nassau is a " Tax Free Zone" . (Might have some influence on the stopover for fuel costs.) It made our flight longer by about two hours…but we did get to see Nassau ! They used to fly older 737-300’s which could not fly “direct” due to the limitations of their “on board” navigational instrumentation, but I think they have recently acquired 737-800’s which may eliminate the coastal route for their flights…not sure. Schedule was on time…service was good and aircraft seating was “average” or above. Other than the Nassau delay their service was very good.

I sent an email to Canjet inquiring about their fleet.The response I got from their guest relations was “all their fleet are 737-800’s with seating capacity of 189 in a 3-3 configuration and as of December 1st they will all be equipted with TV entertainment centers.”

As far as flying over the ocean ( as opposed to hugging the coast) their response was … “we are not in a position to confirm this information with you as it will depend on weather systems etc.”

We flew Canjet last January 19th and our flight was scheduled for 5:10 hrs. and this January 25th our flight time is scheduled for 4:35 hrs.This leads me to believe we may be taking a more direct route.

When we flew with Canjet January 2006 the flight was close to 5 .5 hours thus hugging the coast line - December 2008 the flight was shorter 4hour 40 minutes.

Also for those interested in bringing extra luggage I just found an old email from Canjet waving the fee for an extra piece of luggage, here is where the email came from HelpDesk@CanJet.com

I am seriously debating booking for a last minute deal to Punta Cana out of Halifax on Jan 11th but it’s with Canjet. The last time we flew with them, it took 5 hrs 20 min but now the time shows 4 hrs 20 min. Do they perhaps finally have GPS so they don’t have to fly along the coast line.

Talked to a guy yesterday who just got back from Punta Cana with Canjet.They flew over the ocean and the flight was just over 4 hours.Sounds great to me.

That is awesome news. I had been wondering if they had added a GPS system or not this year. We fly to Punta Cana on Sunday from Halifax on a 737-800 which has 189 seats.