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Any Where

We are going to Cayo Coco in April with a suitcase full of children’s clothing, ages about 3 to 4 years old. Also we have a dozen baseball gloves and two dozen baseballs to put all in our suitcase. Is there anywhere we can leave these goods or should we hand them out to the staff?

I am sure you could leave it with the staff… but if you are a bit adventurous, why don’t you take a taxi, visit the area, make your way to Moron… I am sure you will find a church that would see to distribute those donations to people that don’t get the chance to encounter tourist easily.

Either way, you will be helping.

Be careful that you don’t go randomly handing out things - a mob scene can happen, if you are in a well-populated area. I knew one woman who was expecting a girl grandchild from the ultrasound, but ooops, had a grandson. She took all the baby clothing down to Cuba and thought she’d hand it out - she was swarmed and frightened by the surge of people. I do not say this to discourage you (in fact, I encourage you to visit a school, hospital or orphanage), but just use your discretion. And sure, staff might get lots of gifts from a season of tourists, but they also have children and nieces and nephews who would enjoy it. I took down a baseball bat and the little boy was so thrilled he sleeps with his bat at night beside him in bed.

We went to Moron once (now four times) and went to the church. Two young entrepreneurs took us there and a few other non touristy type places. We sat down on the church steps in front of the yellow church. I thought I’d ask the young lads about the time the priest arrives. He told me about once a week LOL
We ended up giving the stuff to his needy young family. I wouldn’t try a church.
There is a magnificent baseball park in Moron, and they love their baseball
I’m sure if you went to the school and told the Principal you had baseball equipment he/she would gladly use it for the kids. When you talk about baseball in Cuba, the peoples eyes light up.