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Anyone been or getting married at the Ocean Sand?



My fiance and I have decided to be married at the Ocean Sand Golf & Beach in Punta Cana. We will be married in April 2007.
Just wondering if anyone has been there and can give any advice or answer some questions I have?
Or If anyone is getting married there too?

Love to chat :slight_smile:



If you go to the wedding reviews on the front page there is one review about this resort by Andrea and Mark. They absolutely loved their wedding there and had a great time. Andreas quote " better then my wildest dreams" Have a great wedding and a long long life together :sunglasses:


Congrats on your up coming wedding! We are actually looking at Ocean Blue and Golf right now but not until march of 08. I’ll be interested to hear what your experience is like upon your return!!!


Hey There,
I"m getting married at Ocean Sand May 07. If you have any questions about the resort I can try and answer them the best I can. I did a lot of research before we booked this hotel and I have emailed back and forth with the wedding co-ordinator and got lots of info from her.
Just let me know if you have any questions!


Hi Treen,

I dohave some questions for you. Do you know if the wedding photographer is any good? And if we can book him before & after the wedding?
Also, do you know how much it costs to have a private reception?

What time are you getting married at?



Hey there
I am also getting married there!! one day after treen!!!

I also have lots of info, likely similar to Treens!! but if u want any pics or have questions feel free to email or PM me!!
the place looks gorgeous and we are very excited about our choice!!!
our wedding is at 3pm


I was there for a wedding last year. Very well done and the married couple had no complaints at all. The photos looked amazing.


I am new here but I am getting married at the Ocean Blue on January 10, 2007. I will be happy to tell you about it when we get back!


congrats on your up coming wedding! I’m sure we would all love to hear all about your wedding when you get back in the New Year (especially myself and canadabride, since we are both getting married there in May)
If you have any pictures that you would like to share when you get back we would love to see them!
congrats again


Yes i would love to see any pics that u get!!!
U must be so excited!!! i know treen and I are excited about our choice!!!
have u looked at what location u want the ceremony… like beach, gazebo etc

Please bounce any ideas questions or thoughts my way!! whether or not i can be helpful i dont know but its always good to chat!!!


I am so excited and it seems like things are finally falling into place. I would be happy to share pictures when I get back. We plan to get married on the beach, however I do not know what time yet, just that it is going to be January 10!


Hey Ocean Sand Brides,
I was talking to a sales rep that I work with and she just told me she had been to our resort and said that it was amazing. SHe and her husband went for a week and her son and his fiance also went and all had great things to say about the hotel, the people, the pool the food, everything. I just thought that I would share this. I like hearing good things about OCean Sand. It makes me more excited about going down there.

are you using the photographer from the hotel? I’m just wondering because he sent me an email with a lot of pictures that he had taken from other weddings, and I just didn’t think that they were that great for the money that they charge. Some of the effects I could do myself on photoshop. If you would like me to forward you the email I got from him, PM me with your email address and I will be happy to send it to you.
Thanks Treen


FYI, Ana, the previous wedding coordinator is no longer with Ocean Sands/Blue. PM me if you’d like the new person’s name and email address.


Hello Everyone,
I am new to board and very happy to be a member. I look forward to meeting some wonderful new people… I am looking to get married as well here and would love to have any information or pictures you can give me… The website doesn’t show much… I was also wondering if anyone had the contact number or email for the wedding co-ordinator…
Thanks a Bunch ;D


Hey Alisa,
welcome to debbies. I am getting married at Ocean Sand in May. I have lots of information if you have any questions and I also have the wedding co-ordinators email.
PM me and with any questions you want and I will forward you any information that I have.
Here is the wedding co-ordinator’s email:
Her name is Julissa and she has been very good. I was dealing with Ana who is no longer with the resort. Sometimes it takes a couple of days for them to get back to you, so don’t panic!
Congrats on your Engagement!


Thank you Treen,
I have just emailed the wedding co-ordinator about a date.
I am looking to get any imformation and pictures on weddings
at the resort. Could you please email me all the info you have and any pictures…
Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi Eveyone

I am brand new to this board and am thrilled to see how much information is available about getting married down south.

I too am getting married at Ocean Sands in May 2007 and am trying to choose a restaurant for the reception. What is everyone else doing? I am choosing between La Casa de mi Abuela restaurant, El Bodegon and Bucanero. Julissa said we can have the restaurants for a private reception with an additional charge of $25/person. Any suggestions?

Thanks ~ a ~ bunch!


Wow you’re from Newmarket! I’m from Aurora. We’ve probably crossed paths at some time!!! What day are you getting married? I’m getting married May 22 and Canandabride is getting married the 23red of May.
I’m having my dinner at La Brassa, which is the beach grill. We are not having a private dinner, so its not costing us any extra. They are just giving us a group reservation in the restaurant.
But if you are haivng a private reception I think Bucanero looks the nicest. I love the pcitures I’ve seen of it with the pretty tables and the lights and stuff.
Congrats on your upcoming wedding.


Hi Treen

That’s amazing that you are getting married on the 22nd and Canadabride the day after ~ I asked for those dates and now I know who they’re filled by :slight_smile: We are going down the week before and are getting married on the 16th! Do you have any pics of La Brasa? I haven’t come across any and would like to see what it looks like. Also - have you or Canadabride chosen a ceremony location yet?

Thanks again ~

PS - if we haven’t passed eachother yet I’m sure I’ll see you at the mall over the next couple of weeks :slight_smile:


I have a couple picutres of La Brasa so if you want me PM me with your email address and I will send them to you. I havn’t chosen a ceremony site yet. I like the beach but my fiance thnks it might not be priavte enough an maybe too hot. He like the garden with the gazebo. We are going to pick our lcoation when we get there and meet with Julissa and see the different locations in person.
Have you decided on your ceremony location?