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Anyone been to both PP and MCG?

Hi there, has anyone been to both Playa Pesquero and Melia Cayo Guillermo? I’m wondering how you found them in comparison to each other. Thanks!

Nope, only been to MCG, back in 2007. Luuuuuved it!

Thanks, zendudette (love your screen name, btw). We were at PP in 2006 and almost went to MCG in 2005. I am curious. Our friends really liked MCG, too. I know PP is quite a lot bigger, which isn’t really our style, although I would definitely go back to PP depending on price.

If you have any questions, fire away.

One of the reasons we chose the MCG was its size. Small hotel = less people on DA BEACH ! ;D

When are u planning on going?

Sometime between end of March and end of April. We are (and by “we” I mean my other half :slight_smile: ) having a hard time getting out of work commitments.

Our friends went to MCG a few years ago and loved it. That’s what attracted us in the first place.

We have been to Melia CG and to Coste Verde just before PP opened.

MCG is much smaller and more intimate. There are far less rooms
The beach is a lot more shallow at MCG but there is better snorkeling off the beach at PP. The dive operation if you are into diving is right on-site at MCG but down the beach for PP (unless it has changed)
Both sites have long beaches but Cayo Guillermo is longer and (from memory) whiter.

The main difference is the size, Playa Pesquero is a lot bigger. It has a less personal feel to it because of this. The choice of fancy restaurants is much better at Playa Pesquero. Both are in quiet locations. PP is located in a rural area, and there is a much more “being in Cuba” atmosphere there. MCG is separated from the main island by the causeway at Cayo Coco and it is just the resort people there.
We loved both of them, have been to MCG twice and to PP once.

Thank you so much for the fast info!! The search continues…

I know I’m a little late in replying but we wnet to both and in my opinion Playa Pesquero is far better.

  • Much nicer pool
  • Snorkeling right off the beach
  • Awesome 24 snack bar