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Anyone fly Canjet out of Halifax?

I noticed on Canjets site that they no longer have the small 737 planes (118 seats) that had to fly down the US coast.
Has anyone flown the 737-300 (132 seats) out of Halifax?
Can they fly over the ocean and get to the DR without stopping to refuel in Bahamas?

Our flight for Feb 09 is Canjet again (Air Transat) and the flight time is scheduled for 4½hrs, that sounds like the coastal route again.

I hope they have changed the flight path, I remember that wait in Nassau for 2hrs this year on our way to POP!

All the flights offered out of St. John’s, except Sunwing to Cuba, are operated by Canjet. The flight times all look like the normal length and it says 0 stops. The flight to Varadero is great, leaves @10:35 on a Friday night and doesn’t depart to come home until 3:25 on the following Saturday morning so you actually get the full 7 days on the resort. The best part is that you can work all day Friday and only have to take 5 vacation days because you aren’t wasting days in the airport.

We are flying Canjet (booked Air Transat) out of Fredericton, flight time seems to be ok without any stops. Hopefully it remains that way.

We flew with Canjet the past 2 years and there was never a mention of a stopover.On both occasions we encountered strong headwinds and stopped in Nassau to refuel both times.

This is the response I received from Canjet:

"Dear Ms. Ferguson,

Thank you for your email message and for your inquiry.

Ms. Ferguson, with respect to our aircraft, here is some information about our Boeing 737-800s:

Our planes have a capacity of 189 passengers. The configuration is 3 seats, an aisle, and 3 seats. The seat pitch or distance from the back of your seat to the back of the seat in front of you is 30 inches and in the emergency exit rows (15ABC- DEF and 16ABC-DEF) the distance is 39 inches. The seat length is 15.5 inches; the seat width between the armrests is 17 inches and without the armrests, 19 inches. The seats that afford more leg space besides the emergency exit rows are row 1ABC which is in the entry of the plane across from the flight attendants seats, there is no wall in front, and also the bulkhead seating, row 2DEF, have more leg room but there is a wall in front of you. Please note that armrests do not lift up (not removable) in emergency exit rows or in row 1ABC and 2DEF. As of December 1st, all our Boeing 737-800 will be equipped with TV entertainment centres with on board movie. These TVs will be dropped down from the ceiling. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to email or call us at 1-866-447-7000.

In connection with your inquiry into the possibility of a station stop, although one is not scheduled, please be advised that weather conditions will determine if a stop is required."

I didn’t ask about configuration but got a answer anyway!

If Canjet has “upgraded” to the 737-800 series aircraft it is not likely that you will encounter a “stop-over” as these aircraft are probably equipped to fly “direct” as opposed to the “coastline” route thus requiring less fuel. The older 737-300 aircraft that they fly do not have this capability and could require a fuel stop depending on head winds and weather.