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Anyone from UK getting wed in Breezes POP?


Hi All,

I was just wondering if there is anyone from the UK getting married in DR. I have enjoyed reading everyone’s tips etc but unfortunately all the info on the ‘document’s needed’ side of it doesn’t apply here, so any help on this or anything else, would be gratefully received.


scouse07 :slight_smile:


iam getting married at breezes pop in april. i know iam canadian, but from my understanding from talking to other brides from the UK they need the same documents as us to get married in the DR. you need your passport, birth certificate, single affidavit translated into spanish and legalized. and if you were married before you need other documents. i heard its quite expensive in europe to get this done.



thanks michelle

i have had comflicting information about the birth certificate. does this need translating?? i found out about a place today, called ‘the spanish translation bureau’, which is in london. i called them today and they said that it does, i suppose they should know because they offer a service where they do all the running around, getting the documents translated and legalised for you but it comes at a price £639. (that’s for four documents). it’s all so confusing, as if you haven’t enough to worry about :slight_smile:

gud luck on your wedding



check out this web site is for the DR consulate out of texas. it doesn’t matter that you are from the UK all brides and grooms need the same documentation done knowmatter what country you are from. when are you getting married at breezes. I got some info packages i got from the wedding planner if you have not talked to wedding planer i could send you the info



we are getting married on the 11th april 07 @ 3pm (can’t wait :slight_smile: )
yeah the info would be good if you could send it on, thanks, emilia has e-mailed me some stuff but i haven’t had a chance to look at it properley yet.


private message me your email and i will forward the package. you might have the stuff if emilia has sent you the stuff. I actually emailed her to send 2007 packages and prices. so when i get the info i’ll pass it one. did emilia send you a confirmation of the wedding time or date. or did she say its okay.



Emilia sent confirmation in november. the wedding dept here said that a date couldn’t be confirmed until we arrive at the resort but i thought i’d chance it and e-mail breezes direct. Emilia was very quick in replying and she had the date and time confirmed within a couple of days.

Su :slight_smile:

i’ve also sent you my e-mail address :slight_smile:


Hi Su

I’m down in sunny Bournemouth and am having exactly the same problems! It’s going to cost us £984 as my husband-to-be has been married before, and I was adopted at an early age so have a change of name deed to add to the bill.

We’ve booked with Thomas Cook and I don’t seem to see what I’m getting out of them, as I have been communicating directly with the hotel! However, I’ve been to the Dominican Embassy in London (near Notting Hill) and got the above quote, including translation and legalisation.

I can email you seperately if you like as most of the readers on here are Canadian or American and won’t be useful info for them.

By the way, we’re 07/07/07 at Barcelo PC (used to be Superclubs Breezes PC)

Only 178 days to go!!
Becky x


Hi Becky

I have sent you a PM with my e-mail address.

Su x :slight_smile:



just to let you know i got an email from breezes yesterday that Emilia doens’t work as a wedding planner at breezes anymore its now monica. i have emailed the new wedding planner but have not heard from her yet



hi michelle

monica e-mailed me today. she must be going through emilia’s e-mails because she’s only just replyed to an e-mail i sent on 2nd jan.



hi Su

i agree with you she just sent me an email today as well.