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Anyone from USA getting wed in Breezes POP? (


I have read a similar thread “Anyone from UK getting wed in Breezes POP?”…however, I am from the USA and looking for the same information. I have read about wedo.com, and I have tried to find a Domincan Consulte in the states to do the translation/legalization. The office in NY indicated it only takes a few days to do, but did not know the fees?! I called dominicanweddings.net, and their fees are $215pp.

Does anyone know where in the states to get the documents translated/legalized?

Thanks in advanced…getting married on 02/07/07 !!


the cheapest place is wedo and they work with the DR consulate out of texas. the fee is $290.00 per couple if you haven’t been married before. it only takes a coulpe of days. here is Isabelles email addres isagon@wedo.com.do

email her and she will be in contact really fast.

When are you getting married at breezes. iam getting married the week of April 3, 2007 at 3 pm. I have info packettes that i can email that the wedding planner sent me aswell.


sorry just read your post again. are you getting married Feb 7th or july 2nd. You are suppose to fax a document to the wedding planner at least 1 month befor the wedding. PM if you need these info packages with your email and i;ll send them to you