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Anyone going to Barcelo Cayo Largo Feb 6-13?

Hubby and I will be there and would love to meet and share a cocktail!

;D Only 7 more sleeps! ;D

NO one? Geez!

Well, more room at the bar for us, I guess… ;D

:)Go and have fun and come back and tell us all about it. And don’t forget to send us a postcard! :wink: :-*

We are driving south tomorrow morning to Florida. and the keys.
Perhaps when we get to Key West , if we accelerate enough , we can jump the sea and drive across Cuba and then jump the sea again at the south coast .

Let’s do the math.
One car with a low drag coefficent :smiley:
divided by
90 miles of Carrribean sea with high surface tension ???
multiplied by
2 crazy " older " kids :sunglasses:
4 bottles of tequila :o

Zounds , so it can be done !!! ;D


Zounds indeed! ;D GO FOR IT!!!

Just promise me the tequila will be consumed while airborne on the first jump, so the landing is smooth. :wink:

Then you gotta go for the rum.


And if I send postcards, you might get them by Christmas, if they ever arrive! LOL

Looks like we are going to miss you by about a week - we head out on the 20th.

First time heading to Cayo Largo (Barcelo) but must say that the beaches look stunning. Just one question though—Do they have HC 7 year old behind the bar there? I’m usually good for about a bottle a day while in Cuba.

Enjoy your trip!

To the best of my memory, HC 7 has always been available in Cayo Largo, don’t see why it would be different at the Barcelo.

But… a bottle a day?! :o

we also go on the 20th out of TOronto…
you too?
going to the Pelicano
Karen and Marty