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Anyone headed to Santa Lucia?

I’m looking to send a letter and a book down to an amigo that works at Brisas Santa Lucia, along with a few small toys for his daughters. I’m shopping for a mule (a fellow Canuck that might be willing to act as courier).

Mostly I’m looking for someone that might meet and and speak with him… I haven’t corresponded with him since September and I’m eager for post-hurricane news.

Hello Barbudos.

I am headed there the end of January. I have talked with several people post hurricane. I am staying at the Caracol and I have heard that if you had never been there before that you wouldn’t even know there was a hurricane there. As someone who has been there before, I will notice some changes but it is nothing major!

I usually go to the other resorts to look at the crafts and souveniers so if I can take a couple of things for you I will. My daughter is going, so there won’t be much explaining to do at customs! lol

I will PM shortly!