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Anyone just returing from casa marina

We are leaving for the Casa Marina Reef Jan 23. just a little worried about the beach. has anyone been there since Nov to see the beach or to see where the new stairs are made? Do you know if the new staris are just on the othere side of the reef side?
thanks for the info

Good day 2swlw. The stairs are not actually new, they have been there the last couple of years. The beach (and stairs down to it) is off to the right of the Jalapeno restaurant as you are walking in the direction of the ocean. Don’t think you will have trouble finding them! Enjoy your holiday, we are going back to the Casa Marina for the ninth time in February.

See story at http://www.sosuanews.com/index.php - Beach disappears at Sosúa hotels.

Enjoy your vacation. I’m so jealous, i still have 93 days to wait until I return to the DR.